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Hmm. This article says RIFs can begin soon, but require 60 days notice.
January 15, 2019
Trump's shutdown trap?
By Thomas Lifson
Has President Trump suckered Democrats and the Deep State into a trap that will enable a radical downsizing of the federal bureaucracy?  In only five more days of the already "longest government shutdown in history" (25 days and counting, as of today), a heretofore obscure threshold will be reached, enabling permanent layoffs of bureaucrats furloughed 30 days or more.

Great chart, but I cannot see the far right side. FROM 2013. Oops.

Hardest hit by the shutdown are NASA, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Education, and the Environmental Protection Agency. These agencies and others have basically gone on life support, with nine out of 10 employees furloughed, according to the Washington Post.

The effect of the shutdown on the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and Department of Defense is comparatively slight, with less than 20 percent of employees furloughed in each.

Didn't they try  it in front of a focus group???

BTW I prefer the old ads.

Short Shorts

Well no of course he's not going to personally fly out to her elitist mansion and cuff her, sorry if that was what it looked like, I'm just saying that Trump made it very clear that if he won the election Hillary would go to jail, that's all.
The Departed / Carol Channing, 97
« Last post by Pablo de Fleurs on Yesterday at 01:05:48 PM »
. . .  @ 97 years old.

Carol Channing, the lanky, ebullient musical comedy star who delighted American audiences over 5,000 performances as the scheming Dolly Levi in "Hello, Dolly!" on Broadway and beyond, has died. She was 97.

Goodbye, Dolly - RIP.
Not just new here but to the planet?

He used terms like "should be" in prison and "has to go to" prison...not meant to be interpreted as he would personally put her in jail.

What species are you?  Is your home planet far away?

Illegal Immigration / Re: Trump Border Wall Designs
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 12:43:48 PM »
Heh, Laura Loomer giving Nasty Pelosi the business!

Self-described investigative journalist Laura Loomer brought a handful of illegal immigrants to the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Monday.

Pelosi — who has been unwavering in her opposition to funding a wall along the southern border, which she's classified as an "immorality" — reportedly had Loomer and the illegals removed from her property.

Loomer, accompanied by illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico, lugged a tent onto Pelosi’s multimillion-dollar vineyard estate, freelance journalist Nick Monroe reported Monday. In large red letters, the word "immorality" was written across the tent; there were also photos of murder victims of illegal immigrants hanging from the front of the tent.

Livestreaming the event, Loomer took the time to read each of the victims’ names and reiterate that these folks were not welcome in "sanctuary state California."

The controversial journalist even went to check if the Pelosis had locked their front door, since, according to a sarcastic Loomer, "only bigots lock their doors."

"Come on, you can't say everyone is welcome here and then lock your door," said Loomer, upon finding the doors locked. "You're killing us, Nancy! You're killing us!"

Police officers were soon called to the property and asked for identification from the illegals and Loomer and company.

"I was told IDs were racist," Loomer repeatedly tells the officers. "I'm so confused."

The officers removed the illegals from Pelosi's property and had them ticketed instead of being detained, per the House Speaker’s order.


As previously reported by The Daily Wire, Pelosi has a wall surrounding the California property Loomer visited on Monday:

According to a report from right-wing outlet The American Mirror in 2018 (see photos, here), and begrudgingly backed by left-wing fact-checking site Snopes, Pelosi has a barrier around a multimillion-dollar property she and her husband own in Napa Valley.

According to The Washington Post, the estate was worth around $5 million in 2011, and brought in "at least $5,000 worth of grape sales from the vineyard, according to financial disclosure forms for 2010." (Nancy and Paul Pelosi, by the way, are estimated to be worth somewhere between $58.7 and $72.1 million.)

Bwuuhaahaaaa!  It's fun hoisting proglodytes on their own petards!

Will be even more fun when they get hoisted Tepes-style!
President Trump promised to put her in jail and anybody can see today, He is a President who keeps his promises!
There are many coup plots...

...and it doesn't matter which one the statists think they can pull off...

...all the need to know if what happens if they do!!!

More morons entering the circus...


Y'all must be as tired as I am of Ameriphobes and Ameriphonies!

And for a glimpse into the future at the Demonazi National Coven....

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