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Screw Cuomo and the boat his ancestor came in on.

Ameriphobes like that deserve special attention...

Say hello to the birds, Andy!
Judiciary, Crime, & Courts / Re: Paul Manafort Trial
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 09:50:48 AM »
CNN, WaPo, NYT, AP, NBC, Politico, BuzzFeed...

Soon to be followed by other Domestic Enemies of Liberty whom we've all added to The List!

Media Bias/Media War / Re: Classic Iowahawk nailing of the MFM
« Last post by ToddF on Today at 09:34:51 AM »
Although, with this new effort to dox the jurors in the Manafort trial, I will declare the American Press, the enemy of the people.
The homosexual sub-culture running rampant throughout many seminaries got swell nicknames:

Notre Flame - Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans

Theological Closet - Theological College at the Catholic University in America in Washington, D.C.

The Pink Palace - St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore

A lot of these had Bishop's who were part of the manly recreation or otherwise powerless or unwilling to curtail it...and it just got passed along.

Wasn't just in America, European places had issues too...there were those confessions back around the time of the Vatican Bank scandal that exposed a rampant homosexual sub-culture just feet outside the Vatican grounds.  Booze, drugs, porn, buggery and celebrations of all things homosexual.  Some may try to say don't blame homosexuality blame the person...but that is a load of BS that will guarantee the problem never goes away.  Sure, some men in the Church assaulted girls too, but the vast majority of sinners doing the assaulting are homosexuals.

But, this is what happens when you stray from principles...yes, condemn the sin, but punish the sinner if the sin is also a temporal crime.  Don't cover it up, don't lie about it, confess and move on.  They have to own all the failures of the past, doesn't matter who failed, but they are not, so the Church will continue to sport a black eye until it faces reality and cleans the whole house.

I doubt it will happen though.  Many apostate bishop's about...many were conducting secret marriages of gays for 40-50 years.  Has any of them ever been banished and excommunicated?  Every Catholic Democrat today supports abortion and probably just as many support gay marriage...have any of them been excommunicated?  The stark reality is the Church is never going to be able to be blame free until it rediscovers its principles and its spine.  It sure as shat not going to happen under this socialist Pope...or any like him in the Cardinal ranks.  So, good and faithful Catholics are going to have to suffer insults to their Church over this right wrong or is their cross to bear.  I don't know what they can do other than carry on and try to convince their local leaders to demand of their superiors to clean house and keep escalating it up.  It stinks, but it is what it is.
“The lawsuit was filed because the professors disagreed with the law, not because they had any legal substance to their claim,” said Ken Paxton, attorney general for the state of Texas.


To Pan's point..."concealed"...not "brandished"...if these poor little Profs and snowflakes shake, shiver and piss themselves in fear by imagining other people around them may be carrying a concealed weapon....well, that's their damn problem, work it out!  The proof that their unfounded fear is all in their diseased heads can further be illustrated by the fact that they seem not to experience the same fear of criminals with guns, border-runners with guns, gang bangers and drug peddlers with guns, pimps with guns, etc.  The fear-center of their brain like most areas of their brain is corrupted by the proglodyte virus...maybe a good whack upside the head may realign their neurons...but I don't care really, if they are piss-pants-scared of good people carrying concealed weapons...I say "I'm OK with that".


It is nice to see a place with a sensible AG and rational judges...nipping the twisted logic that any good citizen with a concealed weapon is assumed to be a criminal is BS that needs to end yesterday.
Screw Cuomo and the boat his ancestor came in on.
Moving to "Paul Manafort Trial" in Judiciary, Crime, & Courts.
The seminaries were converged starting in the '70s.  There was an infamous one called the Pink Palace, don't remember the location.
It's called *concealed carry* for a reason. 

Not that I'm knocking the decision.

A federal court upheld a prior dismissal of a challenge to Texas’s campus carry law Thursday, providing individuals with a concealed carry permit the ability to carry a firearm on public university property.

The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected to revive the lawsuit by three University of Texas at Austin professors, upholding a 2015 law that the trio challenged in July 2016, yet was ultimately dismissed.

The professors claimed that the aforementioned law would violate an individual’s constitutional rights of free speech, due process and equal protection and would “have a substantial chilling effect on class discussion.” (RELATED: Liberal Court Rules The Second Amendment Protects The Right To Openly Carry A Firearm)

The three-judge panel rejected the assertion, arguing that there is not proof of any impending harm to rationalize such fears.

“The lawsuit was filed because the professors disagreed with the law, not because they had any legal substance to their claim,” said Ken Paxton, attorney general for the state of Texas, according to The Texas Tribune.

“The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed for all Americans, including college students,” Paxton continued. “The Fifth Circuit’s decision prevents that right from being stripped away by three individuals who oppose the law enacted by the Legislature.”

The professors do not plan on filing a further appeal.
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