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Won't be surprised if they show up pretty close to election day.......hmmmmm
I've seen videos of them riding in and on trucks. The "walk" is just for the cameras. They should arrive just in time for the hurricane.
 ::thinking::  who bought the tents??    foottapping foottapping

1600 miles to go its says. If 20 miles a day, that makes 80 days. They will arrive around New Years, unless the media is misleading us about them being 'on foot.'
Trump says immigrant caravan is a national emergency with 'criminals and unknown Middle Easterners mixed in' and vows to cut foreign aid to countries that failed to stop it as sea of humanity grows to 7,000 and pushes deeper into Mexico
Trump suggests gangsters and terrorists – 'unknown Middle Easterners' – are mixed in with migrant caravan
He warns El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to expect cuts in U.S. aid money for not stopping the people
President also urges voters to elect more Republicans 15 days from now if they want fewer illegal immigrants
Department of Homeland Security said it is 'closely monitoring' group after it crossed into Mexico
DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen vowed to root out cartels trying to help desperate foreigners into the U.S.
Caravan now numbers around 7,000 people after it skirted around Mexican border guards and fences
President Trump said 'full efforts' are being made to stop 'onslaught of illegal aliens' crossing the border 

PUBLISHED: 05:11 EDT, 22 October 2018 | UPDATED: 14:58 EDT, 22 October 2018

Ready for arrivals: These tents have been erected at the International Mesoamerican Fair's former venue in Tapachula in anticipation of even more people crossing the border

Well past time good Patriots stormed these dens of calumny!!!

One way or another their lies need to be punished and their operations ended!!!
We are being completely bullshytted about Mexico stopping these clowns!

How can their ranks be swelling...

...and traveling "on foot" 1700 miles... making the rapid progress on the ground they are making...and having time to scream their commie crap...

...have the time to pillage local shops...

...and arrive on OUR border before Election Day without collaborators in their invasion?!?!?!

And why are they coming to a racist country anyway?  Best we start acting like proper racists, eh?

Yeah, how about we defend OUR border from all invaders and tell anybody who doesn't like it to stick their racist BS up their asses!

I saw this article...

...and was not surprised...but then scrolling to the comments came across this...

whowhatme • 15 minutes ago
But but but, he was born in El that basically makes him "Mexican"

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comatus  whowhatme • 11 minutes ago


This is also rich -

...Mob-O-Crats just cannot stop themselves from breaking our laws...guess it's up to us!
  The only thing she can do is kiss his ass.

His ass has my sympathy.
 Yesterday I read an article saying 2000 invaders went back to where ever they cam from and this morning they report that they are up to 7K heading this way.  This is an total bull and the military needs to be called out and nothing and nobody crosses period the end.
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