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He'd break the rope.
I was watching a video on u-toob about a guy who goes around pulling motorhomes out of the sand at the ocean. If his rope can yank a Winnebago loose it should work on no-nads.

He'd break the rope.

 Buy new rope and do it again and again till it works.
He'd break the rope.
I remember a joke that went (sorta):

"I want to die in my sleep like Grampa did - not like the passengers in the car he was driving at the time..."

I want nadler to be awake and alert so he can see the gallows, taste the vomit in his mouth, and feel the drop.
General Board / Re: Developed world is experiencing declining intelligence
« Last post by ToddF on Today at 05:56:06 AM »
I think generational drops still are part of the problem.  We're churning out millions from public schools that can't even think, anymore, and that's what IQ really measures.  Not accumulated facts.

Sure, importing the most dysfunctional cultures also lowers the average IQ, as well as limiting the number of smart people allowed to immigrate.  Poor breeding like rabbits and the richer not breeding contributes to this.

We are becoming a dumber country.

Tucker on the Trump declassification.
Here is the GP interview part 2. Remember that GP was an important piece in getting the FISA warrants to spy on Trump. Amazing.

General Board / Re: Developed world is experiencing declining intelligence
« Last post by patentlymn on Yesterday at 10:09:09 PM »
It's not just that we're importing from the most dysfunctional culture on earth.  IQ's are dropping in the same families, generation to generation.  That points to public schools.

We're certainly letting in the dysfunctional culture but public schools aren't the problem. If you take black & Hispanics out of the equation the national test scores are great. And how about them asians ::thinking::

Ever noticed how the states with high test scores are often white?
Also, the Chinese are not about to see their IQ

I read some details on the case somewhere. Sorry, no link. It said that JA is alleged to have helped Manning crack some password protecting a file. I  am not sure if the file had been taken from the computer already or was still in the computer. I am just supplying a detail here as to what the DOJ is trying to hang their hat on.  I think JA should be given immunity in exchange for ratting out the US govt intelligence agencies.

Pamela Anderson is JA's friend and has taken up his cause. She recently was in the news for something else. She, and two other show biz types (Susan Sarandon and Roger Waters?)  wanted to know why the MSM had not jumped on the story about the leaked engineering report about Duoma Syria gas attack that was suppressed by the OPCW. The OPCW admitted the leaked document was valid.

The MSM has buried this story. Only the UK Daily even wrote about it and mostly buried that story.
  We can pray.

It's biblical to pray  ;)

"May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow."

~ Psalm 109: 9
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