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Isn't the deafening silence from the Russia-peddlers telling?

Why are they not crowing victory and throwing parades?

In the Mueller vs Trump showdown (will he or won't he be interviewed) Mueller blinked...and the pending report has been punted past the that the proper slant can be applied to the editorial as conditions warrant...

Nothing like a fluid certainty, eh?

Dear God I want to hunt these tormentors down and repay them several times over!!!

Anyway...there have been a few vigilant voices fighting the non-stop lies and hate spewing from this witch hunt by the statists in the MFM and public the folks at the Conservative Treehouse, Rush, Levin, Judge Pirro.

And I think this statement by Dershowtiz identifies one of the tools perverted by our enemies and used against us -

These tools need to be narrowly defined...and the bureaucracy needs to be trimmed to the bone!
Entertainment / Re: The "I Saw This Funny Thing On The Net" Thread
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Entertainment / Re: We need a laugh
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Wait...did he just blame himself?  Everybody knows the dog's behavior starts with the human!


Cats on the other hand...have less need for human intervention...they possess natural law...

Sure.  But it makes it more acceptable to go full-thug on those who would threaten the enforced harmony of the hive...

It's what you get when CoC/CFG Cucks compromise with open-borders demonrats...

Screw 'em all, end the madness!

  They are unique in the sense that they are all brain damaged.
Economy / Re: On steel and aluminum tariffs .......
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I'm pretty sure Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time.

 That was about my views not Trumps.

I'm pretty sure you can, too.
Economy / Re: On steel and aluminum tariffs .......
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