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1 many years later and this sh*t is still dragging on!

Lerner, Koskinen et al should have been adjudicated and incarcerated a long damn time ago!

And people think this Republic exists let alone functions?  Unfrickenrreal!

IRS needs to be outright eliminated, the whole gaddamned thing, GONE!!!

 Better late than never. Besides part of the punishment is for them to bankrupt themselves just in case they don't end up in jail.  Either way they pay personally.
I've been de-googling my stuff as much as I can.  You can't totally, but you can certainly avoid most of it.

Protonmail is a worthy alternative for e-mail purposes.
Latest cover from Charlie Hebdo
Entertainment / Re: Trap's Movie Thread
« Last post by Weisshaupt on Today at 04:25:56 PM »
Or you can buy Your Name direct from Funimation for $31 after shipping

The way the Deep State and all its puppets is going after him, he should be ending their agenda at every opportunity and tell them to their faces he is doing it...if they're going to have a coup or just whack him...might as well get more bang for the buck, eh?

But then instances like Phoenix are countered by purging Liberty types from his circle and leaving agencies populated with asshats standing as is...

I cheer and jeer at the same time...such is latter day 'merica...
I watched Trumps speech last night - I get a kick outta him!

I have a FFL team on their site...I might have to poach that pic and change my team name!  Wonder how long it will take till they notice?  OMG I could get booted! 

Yup, I'm doin' it!

History / Re: Most Popular Surnames by State
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 10:50:47 AM »
Most popular No Tell Motel name on the guest ledger!
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