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Thanks for the info, 'Soup.  Hope he's right.
I had an interesting breakfast visit today. I regularly meet with my brothers to chew the fat and today we were joined by two couples who are friends of my brother from church. One of his friends is a former FBI agent. His "claim to fame" was the FALN terrorist investigation in the 1980's. He still has a large circle of contacts within the agency that he is in touch with.

We talked current politics a bunch and especially the OIG report and the current status of the bureau. He says that there is a mutiny boiling up in the ranks of the foot soldiers. They are chagrined about recent events and outraged that POS like comey have defiled their organization. The report did nothing to ease the tensions that permeate.

He also opined that he believes that the thrust of the OIG report is somewhat of a head-fake and to rest assured that at least some heads are going to roll.

Naturally this was all taken cordially.....and with numerous grains of salt.

All in all it was different and interesting.
Media Bias/Media War / Re: Interesting Grapic
« Last post by Libertas on June 15, 2018, 01:17:15 PM »
Yes, good call, we've all despised the unionization of government workers, but these asshats have taken their legislative mandate (from post-Watergate asshats no less!) to decouple themselves from any oversight within or without, with the aiding and abetting of like-minded water-carriers in Congress, the media and when it suits them (Clinton, Obama) the higher ranking executive leadership.  Like most large outfits...the day to day is managed by the middle managers/NCO's...that 1978 crap needs to be scrapped!!!
A good place for this one...a question we've all kicked around here a lot going back to (and likely before) our PL days, I think Pan has it as one of her favorite lines, as should we all!
What?  Besides failure, ineptitude, incompetence, cowardice and hating real conservatives?

The only obstacle for people this off-year election is the same one we've encountered heavily since 1988 - the Establishment!
Politics/Legislation/Elections / The Leftist Face of Evil
« Last post by Libertas on June 15, 2018, 01:07:15 PM »
We've all seen it, on high profile asshats like Obama and Hillary...they ALL have it!

You can easily visualize it too just reading about one -

More Leftist diseased craniums…
…bull-dyke even admits “normal” are “foundational”…and still acts surprised nobody buys their BS!  LOL!

Flies seek it out too.
…sh*t attracts flies…everybody should know that!

All of its ilk are drawn to power over others too.

No biggie…
…just another real-Jew-hating real-Christian-hating Democrat…

Evil's an infestation.
Leftonomics’ ultimate result…just before all-out civil war…
…others skip ahead a little…

Just wait till the deportees swell the scum on the streets of Managua.
Illegal Immigration / Find them all...kick them out.
« Last post by Libertas on June 15, 2018, 01:00:26 PM »
Latest on the treason front...

Ahh, ummm…
John Huber?
WTF does an Obamian from Utah have to do with this?!

Yes, why not?
Release, or cut funding!

Why is Kelly Ann married to this Rosenstein apologist?
Fire Sessions, Fire Rosenstein, Fire Mueller…if Mueller is an inferior officer and accountable…there is no excuse for not doing all three!  Perhaps waiting till after the mid-terms?

Yes, highly questionable.  And I saw want astute comment that noted Loretta Lynch went by an alias of Elizabeth (Liz) Carlisle...LC!

Smoke, meet gun!

Oh, and he was meant "to blow it" and did so.

Do something!

Nest of viper!  Burn them all out!
Media Bias/Media War / Re: Interesting Grapic
« Last post by paulh on June 15, 2018, 12:57:11 PM »
Google SES in government- there's the deep state
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