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I bet Obama would offer to push in his stool.
History / Re: NO DemoNazi's remove CSA monuments...
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 08:05:43 AM »
Not surprising...take down historical monuments...and who celebrates?

Racist genocidal scum...stoked by Obama and the entire D-MC...who dare call other people fascists!

Man, does karma have the mother of all bitch-slap's coming for this trash!


Would not send a kid to a pool or swimming hole anywhere in proximity to sketchy areas, period.
Science, Technology, & Medicine / LMC-SMC Magnetic Bridge
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:55:26 AM »

Kinda cool.

Now, if we only had a space monorail to run on it!

And in a companion piece...well, the title is kind of funny!

I've seen this kind of hyperbole before...

...and that is all it is at this point...hyperbole...

...I am still awaiting arrests and charges...

...until then...
The "Educators" / Re: Some Notre Dame Grads walk out on VP Pence Speech
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:33:30 AM »
They are Apostate as is the norm now...infested throughout with proglodytes...not surprised one bit.  Let them revel in their ignorance and delusion...for they are among the deserving of the bitter harvest they are sowing.

And they are only slightly classier than Californicated types...

...but I bet most of those golden-domer's speak in a like fashion in other venues!

And in many walkers here?

Sure JF...IF Mueller isn't already a tool of the Deep State!

ETA - Well, sh*t.  That didn't take long to find!   ::facepalm::

Still think the bogus Russia meme is dead and they've given up on destroying Trump?   ::whatgives::

     ::thinking:: ::whatgives::  at some point we have to take  ::popcorn::  attitude


I have a  ::cussing:: it and  ::cussing:: them attitude.  Oh, and a sh*tload of just try and  ::cussing:: with me to boot!
The Departed / Re: Chris Cornell, 52
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:26:15 AM »

That kind of doublespeak isn't helpful, and that attitude certainly didn't help Chris at all, did it?  What's their next dumb move?  Blame the hotel?  Sue the hotel?

Once again the concept of personal responsibility is relegated to unimportant victim and survivors.

Another cold observation...perhaps this is why family wasn't a very good support structure to begin with...some issues there I think.

I don't know Libertas - there's nothing like living through such an experience (or not) to test your confidence that you are really in touch with and capable of navigating the nuances and intricacies of mental illness manifested in yourself (much less others)...

Yeah, I get what you are saying...I am usually the one who says not all cases are equal, circumstances can vary as not all people are the same...certainly not all people are like me or you...and I recognize I may have violated my own truism.  I guess we don't really know...but I found the family's response odd...and I fear Todd might be right, the litigious and legacy-centric forces may be coming into play...and I know IDP is right, too often happy pills are dispensed to people and they often just mask issues and treat the symptom and offer no cure.  I have seen it first-hand myself...once people are weened off those damn things...and their sh*t just boils over again.  Mental issues are hard to deal with...people handle things differently and with varying degrees of ability...professionals over-diagnose/prescribe or under-diagnose/treat...and families and friends impact positive or negative.  It has always been my opinion that ones likelihood of navigating issues is directly related to the level of their inner-strength no matter what other external forces are doing...the weaker ones having survived getting lucky with their support systems.


I'm glad my Kwik Trip is OK.

It is OK, right?!


It cracks me up when I come across people who look sideways at the Quickie Mart gas ("I'd never put that in my car!") but don't think twice about eating the crap that passes for food there.

Sounds like something The Smugs would say.  Same crowd that will hit the Starbucks drive-thru for their precious special-blend over-priced java...and then get doughnuts at the nearby SA...and cheap E-85 for their Prius Hybrid wherever it is sold...and have their noses in the air the whole time...
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