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General Board / Re: Activism
« Last post by NHTom on Yesterday at 03:09:58 PM »
"It's a lot easier to fight communists before they've completely taken over."

True, but there is zero will to do so, no leader championing it...

So it will sort itself out organically at a later date...thus ensuring the horror will be off the charts.

Deus vult
Yup.  Donald Trump is an executive.  And perhaps the toughest man we will ever see.  But not a ideologue.

I guess in order there to be a leader we need a place to go.  A Promised Land.  The thing is, we're here - and some idiots are soiling everything they can.  They claim everything about us is evil.  They need to create the appearance of evil so they can virtue signal.

To counter that, most of all we need to make them look stupid.  Only their embarrassment  will make them grow up.

As other have pointed out, when America falls the rest of the world goes with us.  T'would be a shame to let ourselves be brought down by spoiled brats.
General Board / Re: Culture Watch: Black Trash Edition
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 02:12:33 PM »
Jeesh...we could have a thread for just punk-ass nigga thug sports assholes!

So glad I do not watch or attend or give one effing cent to any of these Ameriphobic racist thugs!

 "shut up and dribble"


Gotta remember that one!
Here's some of those weaponized MS-13er's the Democrats are so confused about...

...I guess they'd argue that is some good diversity to hang onto right there, eh?
The Bloody Bitch of Benghazi is citing bogus Everytown gun stats to gin up anti-2A hate...

...sure would be nice if that crap just has a fricken seizure it cannot recover from, eh?

As far as schools (or anywhere!) if you want to protect people, don't disarm them.  We have thousands of Vets in this country who would be proud, even on an unpaid volunteer bases, to be armed guards at the ready.  They will be immensely more effective that a sign with no meaning!  Fear should not drive people to stupid actions, courage should bring them to sensible action!
Interfering? How is what they did different than ANY political campaign in America?
I give up. How is it different?  I can't figure that out.

Reminds of some TV show or movie scene. Can't remember which one.
The detective wants to throw the suspect in jail for refusing to cooperate or somesuch.

Detective: Arrest him!
Cop: For what?
Detective: Suspicion!

Herr Mueller is saying the already declared bogus Facebook Russian Ads of which half are Pro-Hillary and the half aired after the election or not at all...that comprised 0.004% of Facebook ad revenue from the election...was a monstrous intrusion into our politics...oh, and it has zero connection to President Trump.

That's some kind of weak-assed vindication for this witch hunt, eh?

Oh, and guess who let these Rooskies in?

Jean F'n Kerry.

Media/Mueller meme, busted!

What a farce!
FISA court stonewalling HIC, the law, recently extended (bug mistake!) still includes language asserting Congressional oversight, court is in violation of the act!

And the effing CIA has fil d a motion in Federal court asserting it's right to release classified information to "trusted journalists" while withholding the same information from citizens requesting it through FOIA requests! Seriously?!

Trump's election against all odds and against all coordinated DeepState/DemonRats/MFM criminal collusion has revealed the depths of banana republic status we have sunk to!!!

  They see us as minions and don't have the right to the time of day from them.
I think of it as we're more of an inconvenience that must be erased ... like a fetus.

A fetus armed to the teeth.

Try and abort me, statist scum!  Make my day!
General Board / Re: Activism
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 01:17:56 PM »
"It's a lot easier to fight communists before they've completely taken over."

True, but there is zero will to do so, no leader championing it...

So it will sort itself out organically at a later date...thus ensuring the horror will be off the charts.

Deus vult
Entertainment / Re: Trap's Movie Thread
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 01:09:16 PM »
The Lynch version stayed pretty close to the Herbert tome, but it only told the story of the first book in the series and is kind of campy in parts, overall though I don't mind it, it was a decent effort, but like many in the genre if people didn't read the book they wouldn't know WTF was going on.  It isn't easy material to bring to the big screen...Herbert literally created an entire new human universe and cast of characters and such a novel timeline and unique power groups that to do it justice there has to be discussion of that genesis into the year 10,191 and should go at least as far as the 4th book (The God Emperor) or even Chapterhouse if they want to close the circle from the Butlerian Jihad.  The SciFi series doing the first three books was decent, there were things I liked about it and things I did not, but is was decent overall.  The sheer depth and volume of the books is such that over-ambitious efforts like Jodowowsky's 10 hour epic running way over and straining relationships killed it (the storyboards from that effort are interesting as heck though!) while others never got off the ground because of previous failures.  I would like to see justice done on the silver screen one day, but one book doesn't cut it, so a series has to be entered into and seriously pursued or what's the point?
General Board / Activism
« Last post by NHTom on Yesterday at 12:13:36 PM »
Here and other places we have talked and talked but we never come up with much else to do than argue with leftists and may write to our congress critters.

We face forces like Antifa.  They're celebrated in the Lame Stream Media, protected by local governments and enabled by the police.  There's no way for us to be heard without being clubbed.

I say we go after the police.

Those brave men in blue are not honorable when they intentionally fail to protect the innocent.  They're cowards.  Sure, they're only following orders.  But if following orders make them a mercenary force for local politician they're not honorable.

As we know, following orders is not an excuse for atrocities.  If they don't have the courage to follow their oath due to cowardice, I'd call them "piglets."  Letting Antifa run riot.

Antifa cannot be shamed.  Politicians can't be shamed.  Police can.  They're human.

I'd like to see bumper stickers that say things like, "STAND DOWN COWARDS"  or even "PIGLETS" with a little picture of a piglet show up in places like Berkley or Charlottesville.

It's a lot easier to fight communists before they've completely taken over.
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