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This is an extremely important issue to me as considering that some of my linage is of Jewish decent. I know what gun bans can do. Nov 9-10 1938 is all one has to understand on what can happen when evil people take over a government or a foreign power of evil tries to occupy ones country and implement gun bans.

I try to live a life pleasing to the Lord as a Born Again Believer in Jesus but that doesn't mean I leave my common sense or my duty to protect others and those I love out the window. I want and need as much firepower as I possibly can because I know what human beings can do to one another and I know how evil some can be. A bolt action rifle just ain't going to cut it if we are under assault. I need and should have the right to buy any gun I want with any restriction. IMHO The Second Amendment is specifically about citizens owning military style rifles to defend against tyranny.

I don't ever want to and pray I never have to use my weapon on another human being, in fact I will go to great lengths to prevent it. But I see accelerated hatred raising its ugly head especially against those who are Conservative, Christian, etc.  and those who believe the Constitution should be taken literally. The left has become vile, hate filled and passionate about destroying us on the right and I don't think I am talking with hyperbolically sp? (hyperbally). At work and even with some family members I don't even discuss my views any longer because of the hateful anger and passion that it can lead to.

I am trying to remain optimistic but its seems IMHO there increasingly is an unbridgeable chasm between the right and left as the argument on the second amendment clearly shows.

As much as I cannot stomach this little $%^& I don't believe he came up with this on his own. As Dennis Prager so rightly says anything the left touches they destroy.

BTW: This is what NEVER AGAIN MEANS!!!!!!!
Trump blew that before Sessions was Acting-AG he could have sacked Rosenstein before Sessions came...

Not saying whoever is #3 would have had different results...but it may have...anyway one asshat would be gone.

Also, kinda goes to the vetting of Sessions...Trump should have gotten firm answers about such an eventuality...the D-MC was pressing hard toward that direction since Clinton flubbed the election, Operation Coup commenced before the ink was dry on the election results...if he failed to get a satisfactory answer from Sessions before naming him, he could have gone to somebody else.

It is Trump's mistake any way you cut he has to unscrew a light-bulb that is hot and cannot be turned off until it is unscrewed.

Ah!  He did sack the Acting AIG, whats her name. 
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Nuptial firearms
« Last post by Alphabet Soup on April 22, 2018, 02:50:20 PM »
If I were to recommend anything for a 1st timer female gun owner it would be a revolver. Why? Because they remain the best "point & click" interface.

Think of the series of decisions involved in a firefight

Recognizing the need and making the decision to pull your weapon
The mechanics of drawing your weapon
The mechanics of aiming and sighting your weapon
One in the pipe? Safety off?
And that last second decision to fire - did you remember to check your field of fire for collateral damage?

There are a ton of factors and decisions to make. Until you've had sufficient training to form subconscious habits and until those habits become ingrained there are a bunch of opportunities to either freeze up or become indecisive.

Revolvers, especially hammer-less revolvers eliminate a couple of decisions that otherwise may chew up the seconds you have to effectively respond. "1 in the pipe" is the default, no slide or hammer to cock, and no safety to remember the correct position.

Their failure to feed and failure to fire rate is substantially lower.

Their shortcoming is the limitation of 5 or 6 bullets compared to magazines of up to 14 rounds in a semi-auto - but then we are not talking about advanced fighters in advanced firefights.

My .02
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Nuptial firearms
« Last post by paulh on April 22, 2018, 02:44:25 PM »
Sig P320 for both- 40 S&W for him, 9MM for her. Add the new Crimson Trace now available for each. ::thumbsup:: Forgot to add, his in a carry, hers in a compact. The carry has a longer grip.
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Nuptial firearms
« Last post by NHTom on April 22, 2018, 02:27:04 PM »
The only thing worse than not having a firearm with you need it is not knowing how to use it.

So I checked out NRA Women and they have a series of videos for women.  I started to watch one when the narrator posited what the most important thing women should know before going to a range.  I was expecting something like "NEVER POINT THE GUN ANYWHERE BUT DOWNRANGE!"

Nope.  It's "What do I wear?"   ::gaah::
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Nuptial firearms
« Last post by NHTom on April 22, 2018, 02:20:54 PM »
My son is getting married in a couple of weeks.

Novel gift?  His and hers firearms.

And then there's all the other stuff:
1. cleaning
2. ammo
3. instruction
4. holster(?)
5. gun safe

I obviously can't buy them for them, but I can pay for them.

He's 6'2".  She's about 5'4".  I'm thinking a 9 for him and a .380 for her.

General Board / Re: Why the MSM Crickets on Criminal Referral?
« Last post by John Florida on April 22, 2018, 02:20:08 PM »
I have to re-load.


 Reload what? You stupidly lost your guns in a boating accident.
  I refuse to let that little sh*t upset me. He's just not worth the emotion.

You sure you're Sicilian?   ::exitstageleft::

He is what he is...and while annoying, he is a puppet...his masters are higher on The List...and that publisher...I hope backing this dreck backfires spectacularly!

 I got the paperwork to prove it. And as a Sicilian He's as Important as a fly to me. We don't talk about him and he becomes nothing he's only important if we talk about this turd.
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Interesting new or new-ish toys discovered on the web
« Last post by paulh on April 22, 2018, 01:38:06 PM »
Boy, you never met Griv from ACOC
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