Author Topic: Boom! Zap! Whoosh! DC's new comics elevate female, gay, black characters  (Read 467 times)

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DC comics,  in an attempt to annoy and alienate its remaining customers,  will be introducing new comic books.

Not even comic books are free of this diversity nonsense.   Sigh..........

One of them is named ironically enough "Bizarro".

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Not even comic books are free of this diversity nonsense.
Nor the TV shows they make about them.

Arrow has some lezzie stuff, for example.
It's not real in-your-face but it's there.

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"We want to reach the widest audience possible," says Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Entertainment.

No...they don't. Otherwise there would be a Jesus-like character targeting the faith-based readership (which, by sheer demographics, must be larger than the homosexual readership), entrusted with leading the super-freaks away from their lives of sinful disobedience and forgiving them...with the admonishment to "Go & sin no more"

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Being a promoter of 3% of the population is "widening"?

What a fricken moron.

Catpain Queer and the Duchess of Dykes to the rescue?


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