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"rejected African immigrants" - "illegal" to be precise.

"Most come by way of Minneapolis, sometimes after grueling treks across Latin America and stints in U.S. immigration detention." - so, treks across other nations is grueling, their status still "illegal" even in those nations...and detention-in-name-only here automatically qualifies for citizenship, eh? 

- and -

"Advocates expect the Trump administration’s harder line on immigration will spur even more illegal crossings into Canada," - wait, what?  What's "illegal" about it Red Star Goebbels clown?  It's only illegal for an illegal to enter Canada, not the US?  Are you even aware how stupid you sound writing that dreck?

“People must be really desperate if they are coming in the dead of winter,” - so?  People self-deporting themselves is fine with me, stop discouraging it and stopping it!  If people that we are told by the Left are nothing but good upstanding folk, no tied to terror and have nothing to hide...then I say those fleeing in fear should be allowed to go to the blind lady north of the border in peace!


"Twin Cities immigration arrests raise fears of 'new normal' "

 ::ohno::  Enforcing our laws that were openly mocked, ignored and broken hundreds of thousands times the past eight years?!

“routine law enforcement.” - Heh, shoe on another foot, funny that!

"The Department of Homeland Security, of which ICE is part, said that a series of operations in California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and New York City were routine and targeted immigrants who 'pose a threat to public safety, border security or the integrity of our nation’s immigration system.'  About three-quarters of those arrested had criminal convictions, from homicide and aggravated sexual abuse to DWIs." 

No?!  But Judge Shythead out in WA state says there is no evidence to prove the lax Obamunist illegal importation efforts pose the slightest risk to the public at large!  Is the Red Star lying, or this judge?  Maybe both, eh?

“I have been living there for five years and I’ve never seen anything like this,”  - I believe you, for 8 years nobody gave a shyt, guess what?  Turning a blind eye to this threat is over.  Get used to it.

“If we’ve got a law, we enforce that law,” he said. “To tell people sworn to uphold the law not to enforce the law — that’s not the way to do things.”  - Hilarious!  That's been the Obama Doctrine for 8 years!!!

And, same day barely a week later...more "Oh no!"

"Desperate immigrants risk perilous winter trek to Canada" - Uhh huh.

"...brutal winter conditions to cross illegally into Canada."  - Dear Red Star Goebbels acolyte, the were ILLEGAL when they got here!

"God blessed Canada with good people," said Mohammed, 24. "I see the difference between Canada and the United States."  -  Me too, keep on steppin' Mo!

"Marc Prokosch, an immigration attorney in Minneapolis, said it's been growing more difficult for Somalis to get asylum in recent years, mostly because they lack documents to prove their identity." - They lacked that proof when they got here asshole, and Obama said "sh*t, no problem!".

And the lazy assed Red Star propagandists go on to yap about the same assholes they bored us with in the first article!

There is no negotiating with progs, there is no coexistence with them, they are incapable of rational intelligent thought, they would stand before a wolf and bare their neck and let the beast devour them and everybody around them rather than admit they are completely f**ked in the head!!!

No, just no, no way!

Irrumabo!  GOP? - Nope. No more. They made their bed, now let them die in it.*
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I really do miss Minnesota.  Crapholapolis in particular.