Author Topic: I call BS on this Russian EW claim  (Read 236 times)

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I call BS on this Russian EW claim
« on: April 19, 2017, 07:37:02 AM »

First, they would have to have an EMP device on a plane.  On a regular fighter-interceptor?

Second, if this thing is firing off EMP pulses, then it is would have to have all of its own components and electrical systems shielded.  Everything.  Or the whole plane would drop out of the sky.  And depending upon the shielding material and amount it may never actually get off the ground!

Third, it still has to get close enough to the target.  Now, current EW systems can jam and futz with an opponents gear, but it has to get closer to the source than the EMP device...depending upon the output of the EMP device and it's range.  Reports of the infamous Black Sea raid on the USS Cook report that footage was taken of the event.  I recall this because there were video clips of the flyby's.  So...footage with what?  Old fashioned analog cameras...nothing electrical...nothing 21st century?  Uhh huh.

Fourth, how do you generate an EMP?  What exactly is this device running on...and if real it is a one-off.  How much did Mother Russia spend on a disposable weapon with this kind of capability and invulnerability?

Fifth, this "report" comes via an unnamed Russian source.  Well, in that case!

Sixth, I expect to see a Klingon Bird of Prey de-cloak over the White House proudly displaying its Russian Federation flag and wiggling its ass teasingly as Donald looks up in shock.

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