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I guess we have to resign to the fact that Obamacare is here to stay forever. 


No, just till it fails,and then the F'ing Democrats won't get to blame the "evil right wing" - Nope. This baby belongs to them  -  who didn't read it before passing it, in the dead of night, using an unconstitutional process.

This Ryan Care was a sh*t sandwich which would have served no purpose but to make it fail faster and giving the Democrats someone to blame. . Trump should propose his own plan (legal across  State lines etc)  and try again next year.. wen the Pubbies feel their elections coming up.

And if it doesn't fail till after the Dems are back in office, and they try to so single payer. well, I suspect that will be the last straw for a lot of people and  we may finally see the government repair kits brought out.
Career Republican politicians.     That's who.      This thinking that government is the answer to everything infects so many.    Too many Republicans think they can run big government better then the Democrats,  they think that's what the republican brand is.    Maybe that's what it is now.   (Republicans, we are somewhat less incompetent about burning up your wealth,  enjoy that bone). 

Just because repeal is going to cause people problems is NO excuse to not repeal.   NOBODY gave a sh*t about the problems Obamacare caused coming in,  why do they care now about it going out?   

There is going to be disruptions.    Yes, it sucks,  but we been in this state for almost a decade already.   Republicans need to develop thick skin and not let the lamestream press and Democrats create the narrative. 

Its funny how glorious Obamacare all of a sudden became.   If anything its unified Democrats (many that once spoke of it's many ills) to defend it.   

Government running "healthcare" is no solution.   Places like most of Europe have had it for a half century.   Its still sucks,  and it will never get better.   Why is that so hard to understand? 

I guess we have to resign to the fact that Obamacare is here to stay forever.   Because Republicans aren't committed to turning the ship around. 

Someday there will be a president that will make Trump look like a boy scout.   People are going to regret that we didn't change when we had the chance.    I guess we deserve the disaster that awaits.   It's going to be bad,  at some point people will have to take it in their own hands.   Its going to be a bloody mess.    It comes clearer and clearer why Trump won,  people are getting to the end. 

In four years when Trump doesn't get reelected (because Obamacare continues to drag down the economy)  the first day in office the new Democrat president will revoke Donald's executive orders turning off most of Obamacare worst features.  Democrats have no problem with the individual mandate and the heavy taxes that government "healthcare" requires.   Their voters don't pay taxes.   
Considering a worthless Gustavus degree will cost $215,800, all in, you'd think they'd teach their soon to be bankrupt students that the path to open immigration, which they seem to be advocating for, isn't through signs but through the ballot box.
It's for the best that this failed.  The system would still be unbearable to people, only they'd be calling it TrumpCare instead of ObamaCare.

Since the Tea Party movement of 2010 "Repeal!" was the battle cry.  From where did this "...and replace" bullsh*t originate?
The lamestream will yawn no matter how bad it is.  Sorry but that is true.
I didn't support this turd either,  but they just aren't getting it.
Radical Islam/GWOT / Re: Lille's Turn
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Another day gone by...

I just know the next smoking gun will be the real smoking gun, for sure!

It would have been worse turning Obamacare into Trumpcare, with the same death spiral in place.
Radical Islam/GWOT / Lille's Turn
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Gunman reportedly named as "Mohammad" shoots three at Metro station in the French city of Lille.  Breaking.
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