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Almost all my early Christmases were gun themed,  mostly of the wild west variety .

The earliest I remember me and older bro got Wyatt Earp outfits,  gun not included. 

Next year,   it was a Paladin guns and holster set (two pistols,  although Boone only wore one in the series).  Sweet.  Real leather holsters and even came with the "Have Gun--Will Travel" calling cards. 

One year,  bro got a half size replica of the "Mare's Leg" Steve McQueen carried in the  Wanted: Dead or Alive series.

Another year,  he got a chrome Colt .45 replica w/imitation ivory grips that looked so real,  a cop would probably shoot the kid playing with it today.  And I got a huge book:  Great American Guns.  It told of notable firearms through history,  starting with the Kentucky/Pennsylvania long rifle,  and accompanied by a true short story for each. That thing was awesome.  Me and bro wore the damn thing out reading it...over and over and....

One year,  I got a Bat Masterson outfit,  complete with cane,  derby, and that little .38 (I think it was) he carried. 

The real beaut was a full sized replica of an M-1.  Mostly plastic but still realistic looking.   Parents did a real disservice in getting only one.  Anytime a war would break out (almost daily in the summer),  always a fuss twixt me and bro over who gets to use the M-1.

The gun of my dreams I never got:  The Rifleman's rifle.  I idolized Chuck Conners.  I did get a Rifleman sweatshirt though.  Proudly wore it on my first ever school day. 

And I had a younger cousin who did have one,  fortunately.  He was kind enough to loan me his,  loaded up with a fresh roll of caps,  so I could go out on his family's carport,  and re-enact the opening of The Rifleman...over and over and over again,  until I ran out of ammo (exhausted the roll of caps).  Sweet.   


This is insane.  How can anybody limit, control or withhold evidence?

Trump is way or another this is coming out.

If there is anything left on it...

 I would leek it in a heart beet.
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Rand Paul replacing McPain
« Last post by IronDioPriest on Today at 07:14:59 PM »
He's now changed his mind, and says he will back Pompeo. I think his resistance was to appease the Paulian non-interventionist base.
General Board / Re: Why the MSM Crickets on Criminal Referral?
« Last post by John Florida on Today at 07:00:56 PM »
I have to re-load.


 Reload what? You stupidly lost your guns in a boating accident.

Popcorn JF, popcorn.

 Oh!! My bad.
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Nuptial firearms
« Last post by John Florida on Today at 07:00:10 PM »
  If she's never fired anything before rent a .22 and break her in slow and easy no point shocking her. She may want a .40 after she shoots a bunch.
... he accepted a position
he could not fill.

Could not or WOULD not?
  Come war-fighting time we had a rule of no-rocks, only dirt clods.

Some of those had the consistency of rocks. I remember that well. Got hit with a few.
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Nuptial firearms
« Last post by AlanS on Today at 05:13:00 PM »

Most ranges have rentals...if there is time before hand to try stuff out see if they find something they both like.  The best pistol is the one you will feel the most comfortable shooting.

This is THE most sensible.

And congrats!!
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