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The Left is testing new low's...

Nice backfire!   ::laughonfloor::

I am shocked that so many blacks accepted jones's racist insult and voted for him anyway.

But not very...
Entertainment / Re: If you're a Star Trek fan, this is hella good fun...
« Last post by IronDioPriest on Yesterday at 08:40:46 PM »
Binge completed LOL. That went from watchable mediocrity to bona fide Trek very quickly. I think if it had been given another season, some pretty awesome things could have come from it. The characters did gel by the end, and the acting definitely got better. Very happy I came across this.
Faith & Family / Re: I think I’m done
« Last post by Pablo de Fleurs on Yesterday at 05:31:27 PM »
Interesting: I increased my Linked-In network by 2 this afternoon: both scholarly men from Israel - and it got me thinking about this thread.

This question would create a spark or two:

"Mr. 'African American', how do you suppose the Jewish people have overcome all they've been through, as a race: slavery in Egypt,, lost for 40 years in the desert, & then Stalin & Hitler exterminating millions of their people...and yet they've re-established themselves* & picked themselves up...yet you're still making excuses for your lack of tangible results?"

[* Save the fact that there aren't many Jewish NBA/NFL players]
General Board / Re: More Leftist Hypocrisy on Display
« Last post by Pablo de Fleurs on Yesterday at 02:20:42 PM »
So I'm over @ Drudge & see that Salma Hayek has a hit piece on Harvey Weinstein (an evil scumbag for sure) - about all the lurid things he exchange for fame & fortune.

Salma made a choice. She could have walked away, chosen another profession & gotten on with life. But she didn't do that; here's an excerpt:

blahblahblah I had to say yes. By now so many years of my life had gone into this film. blahblahblahblahblahblah

Uhm...Salma, you're right, Weinstein IS a monster; and you, you're a highly paid & famous whore. Period!

Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Coup
« Last post by Glock32 on Yesterday at 11:01:34 AM »
Thanks!  Although the "young" part...not so much anymore!  I hit the big 4 earlier this year.  Always been hoping CW2 would kick off before I'm too old to be of any use.  It needs to hurry up!
Entertainment / Re: If you're a Star Trek fan, this is hella good fun...
« Last post by IronDioPriest on Yesterday at 10:54:51 AM »
The more I watch the more I'm blown away by Vic Mignogna as Kirk. It's so obvious that he's making an effort to emulate Kirk in every way his talent allows, but not so obvious that it's painful to watch. It's mostly his visage and physique, and in the way he moves. Especially in the shots that aren't right up close to his face - when he's in scenes that require full body shots - there are moments when you can almost forget it'snot Shatner. And he tries to capture the unique speech cadence of Shatner, sometimesmore successfully than others. But when he nails it, he really nails it well.
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Coup
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 10:21:35 AM »
Yeah, that position is probably more important than VP obviously, and COS which is largely administrative, and on par with SecSt & SecDef in terms of direct impact on people, certainly in domestic terms more critical than those two!

And nice to hear from you young man!  ::cool::
Republicans, Establishment cowards that they are, thirst for death.  I say let them drink heartily!!!
Military News/Veterans / Re: Another returns home.
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 10:02:28 AM »
Awesome, great pics.   ::USA::

Sucks putting a bike down, only did that once...ok was off-road though and neither serious at all...but knowing you have a bad tire and facing a long trip? Dude?!

Glad everyone is safe!
Amen! And Korea vets too, some did both wars.
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