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Radical Islam/GWOT / Re: PaliTrash launch rockets on Israel again
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 08:30:12 AM »
Hamas...the outfit Mobocrats call a "humanitarian" organization. 

That's the kind of thinking you get when the Devil has your soul...
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Hillary gearing up for 2020 run
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 08:28:42 AM »
Scott should have removed her in '16.

Their play was obvious...still have NOT learned since 2000...

The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence...he knew and yet did nothing...he has to own that.


I've given up all hope thinking run of the mill Pubbies will ever learn anything let alone know how to act...

Der goldene Junge Schumer and die abscheuliche hexe Pelosi have such positivity, fairness and tolerance to advance!

Aren't they just adorable?!

Yes...faces only the Prince of Darkness could love!

Unterführer Schumer issues a direct order to President Trump to OBEY or else!

Recuse?  For what?

Try to insert your poison pill, really, go ahead!

85 new bogus inquiries.

Basically, the Mobocrats plan to treat Trump and his team like the rest of us...

Best go on the offensive...if that isn't your thing...

Prepare for the immanent invasion...

Here come the Mobocrats!!!

Weapons free, fire at will.
Scott should have removed her in '16.
Radical Islam/GWOT / Re: PaliTrash launch rockets on Israel again
« Last post by Pandora on Today at 08:16:18 AM »
... In response, the IDF pounded terrorist strongholds across the Gaza Strip overnight, including the Hamas terror organization’s administrative headquarters.

IDF jets bombed the building, disguised as the Al-Amal Hotel, which had been used by Hamas as its interior security headquarters for the past four years.
Radical Islam/GWOT / PaliTrash launch rockets on Israel again
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 07:37:36 AM »

It's their way of asking to be crushed again...

It will remind me of this once again...

Oh hey...not that anybody here is any where near dumb enough to have bought for one pico-second the Mobocrat promise to be more civil after the election...but we should have put bets down on who would go back to the gutter first...

Can't you just feeeel the humility, the tolerance, the fairness and the compassion flowing from this paragon of progressive perfection?!
The Departed / Re: Stan Lee, 95, Marvel comic superstar
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 07:20:40 AM »
Bummer - the man trail blazed Marvel comics (along with Jack Kirby, et al) - no more cool cameos (we just watched Ant man 2).

RIP, Stan -

‘Nuff said

Yeah those cameos were always good.  95 is a good run...I'll be fortunate to have .8 Stans in me.

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