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Illegal Immigration / Re: Trump Border Wall Designs
« Last post by Lou22 on Today at 08:11:32 AM »
  I don't think he has any intension of honoring the bill. Emergency powers I believe supersede the bill.

Oh he'll take the 1-point-whatever billion from that, and then he'll use EP's to get all the rest. Hopefully pulling those dollars away from other things will hurt the government so the dems will be forced to give more outright in order to stop it.

  They won't give him anything he'll have to beat it out of them and fight all the way. They have nothing to run on in 2020 so the fight is it.  He can run on he's fighting for us.

I'm thinking that by stripping money from the DOD it would be like a backdoor - shutdown and the dems will get blamed so they'll have to give in.
So far...nothing happening in DOJ...

Now this news -

Leave?  Rod should be escorted, in jail!!!   ::gaah::

Jeff Rosen?  Not a lot known...

Harvard guy...more telling is his law firm pals...includes Kavanaugh among others...

...pretty much an unknown, won't know anything till we see how he acts...

Making my case.  They will never reform themselves, they need to be broken up first.  And penalties for disinformation, well as libel and slander laws beefed up need to happen yesterday!
General Board / Air un-America
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 07:40:39 AM »

Why this is coming up now...versus like two decades ago...if not more...I dunno...

Has to be intentional, yes?  I smell DeepState/Crony scat!

Bern me once, shame on you...

...Bern me twice...


Welcome to the party pal, bet they mess with you again...your shade is just...too pale...cis-gender is...too un-vagina-like...consistency...too stringy and wrinkly...ideas...too commonplace for your crowd!
Science, Technology, & Medicine / Re: Liquid Metal Battery
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 07:13:33 AM »

 And, as stated in the article they are having traction issues since there isn't at present much demand for or providers of long term battery storage units (ironically due to the former).  Other players have pretty much fizzled out so they are the most viable option in this alternative storage world and are more guarded about their materials formula now.

Well bottom line,  they can't sell this easily because of regulation - transport can't "generate' and the scale is usch tat each neighborhood  would need its own power company.

Ultimately unless they sell direct to the consumer or bribe their  way in, this will probably go nowhere. The powerful don't want solar to actually work.. that would make us less dependent on oil, the petro dollar would suffer and  homes would keep falling off the grid.. Powers that be are very happy with the status quo.

Normally I would agree, and I do but only in part.  In trying to penetrate a commercial market I can see the PTBs being a little threatened by this, but it really shouldn't be that big a deal because it isn't a significant threat, not in the short or intermediate term...long term perhaps, but the long-term is a long way off and who knows what miracle of luck and or science happens between then and now to render perhaps all known ideas and methods moot?  If marketed toward the off-grid community then I think they could make a go of it, but that doesn't seem to appeal to the scale they are after and that the investors want.  And either way there is the usually corruption and selfishness to navigate, so greasing the right political/regulatory/legal assistance that can make it a reality will have to be engaged.  Or, you can go renegade, underground, black market.  I'm in growing favor of the latter, never too early to get a jump on the future!
The Magic Knee-go holding court with a token dumb white chick, a token dumb white guy, a token beta-male of color and Willie Brown's slut on the side...

...and admits he has nothing to offer...

A rare moment of honesty converging with a shrug...

I'm convinced America will break apart.  I just share no common interest with the dregs of the left, anymore.
We can, we just need to issue another DOI and get it done, because traitors don't hang their own or themselves!
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