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Entertainment / Re: The "I Saw This Funny Thing On The Net" Thread
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 06:43:51 PM »

Heh!  Good kitteh!

Reading elsewhere, I've seen the idea that Trump can spend what he likes where he likes, as the omnibus appropriations, being not an actual Budget, funds are ........ fungible.  Reminded as well this is exactly how Obongo operated for eight years.

Yep! it isn't called the "Discretionary Appropriations Bill",  it's like Head Start Program, supposed to be funded by the Fed, not much
money ever showed up for that, because it was discretionary.  I haven't seen it lately, but there is the Non-Discretionary side too. it's
larger then the discretionary, and it covers must pay items, like Social Security, Medicare, Interest on the Debt...etc.  Congress and
the White House get notified what the Treasury will be paying out each month, no Bills needed.

Congress has been gutless for quite a while.

And it is pointless searching for differences between Red Team and Blue Team.

And ruling by cowardice and complicity is not even closely related to any notion of "good government".  Yes, the executive has some flexibility...and the deference to Presidential whim is not a solution, and it only serves to advance the further erosion of trust and ethics when you capitulate to the lowest common denominator of greed and fancy.

The system is too large, too is beyond salvage.

And people cannot wake up fast enough to matter now...maybe later, if they survive...

Whatever, I sound like a, well...

Plan accordingly.

Did the shooting start yet?  No?

Okay , call me when it does.

Yep.  Marking time...

If he signs this I'm done.........

I'm done.

Well, I guess it depends on what one might characterize "done" as meaning. For me it means support for the people who are supposed to be our voice. Virtually every one of them has sold us out and seriously need dirt naps.

So I'm going to further withdraw from a society that has become more rot than apple. My town has lurched left and I can't take it anymore so I'm cranking up the Ark and looking to relocate. The more rural the better.

I never much liked people anyway...

I can't wait to disengage...unfortunately I have to slug it out at least another 10-12 years before I can phase out and go the meantime stuck in urban living...

Kicked that video off in a second screen...good personal stories, thanks for sharing.

God Bless those good men!   ::USA::
This dirty bastard should never have been allowed to investigate this, or anything!!!

FBI is filled with scum like this!  ::outrage::
General Board / Re: [s]Browser[/s], Homepage, looking for a new one
« Last post by WilliamVA on Today at 05:58:54 PM »
Most ISP's provide a homepage, and email service as part of their package.  My ISP is Metrocast, a Comcast clone....kinda sorta, not
quite as busy.  Although I have a Gmail account, nothing important happens there...  My ISP service is strictly POP/SMTP.  Though I can
keep Email on the server,  I prefer to cleaned out, and keep copies on my PC(s).  For tha I use Thunderbird, which is also a
Mozilla creation. 

It's just personal, but I prefer to open my browsers with the Homepage I am paying for, not a freebee.  I don't particularly care for the
AP based news service..but heck I have a list of news services that suit my politics,
Radical Islam/GWOT / Re: Gate crasher at Travis AFB
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 05:56:57 PM »
  Let's bring more of them in till they get it right and kill a crapload of us.   (sarc)

Silly Season School Protests summation:

"D. Hogg, seeking 'Deliverance' from guns, squeals like a pig."

Had another idiot student march at the capitol this morning...

I'm sure they are all a bunch of little Hogg's!

Molan Labe, little Neo-Hitler Youth's!

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