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"...died after 'a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue.' "

Did this sudden event involve a nail gun found in the wrong hand?
Starting to look like this hit job on Moore is starting to backfire...probably in no small part to the DemoPerv-a-day being outed combining with the unraveling of the Allred scam...

Arrest them both!  This is a clear case of slander, libel and electoral fraud!

And this -

...interesting how even outfits like Politico were praising Predictit as being more reliable than traditional polls and "shockingly accurate".

OK...I guess it is too much to ask for this vile criminal piece of scat to STFD & STFU...let alone just GTF away!

But can we please start chasing these idiots pimping this garbage with pitchforks and torches?!

PS-I will chip in for a ride into space...on the condition that the trajectory be secretly aimed at the center of the sun...

PPS for the Sun-Nothing personal, it's not's all her!!!
General Board / Re: More Leftist Hypocrisy on Display
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 11:46:17 AM »
Jeez, the DemoPervs are coming fast and furious...




NY Slimes White House Agitators...

...seriously?  How do you not rat that fugly little troll out earlier?   ::puke::

And for crying out loud!

Stop enhancing serial pervert Slick Willie...he can't run for anything...except maybe the can...and even then I bet he limps and stumbles!

Oh, another one...

...the Great Minnesota Get Together Grope-a-thon!

The Creeper strikes again!   ::exitstageleft::

Stay in office...nothing says "paralyzed and useless" quite like an unrepentant dirtbag...

Check these out from TPC:

Yeah...that's one of Minnesota's brilliant Senators right there...

  All this has done is become a solution in search of a problem as usual.


Is that the same as a target in search of a bullet?

The only thing preventing Cuomo from being fully-enhanced is doing the deed himself...while simultaneously pledging "abortion on demand, forever...and on taxpayer dime"...
As the biggest Leftist, he's projecting, like they all do.
  All this has done is become a solution in search of a problem as usual.
  Is he for real???? "Anti Semitic"??    ::laughonfloor::
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