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Judiciary, Crime, & Courts / Aberdeen, MD murder spree..."woman"
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 11:11:42 AM »

Didn't they have those ban signs?

Trans?  Yeah, that's a dude...if he cut his unit off, that's his problem...too bad he made his problem other peoples death.

Another Obama-son mass murderer, when is enough enough?



So . . . the hashtag #HeSaidSlutSaid,is spot on!

Back then the word was "legs" - and ol' Christie did her best to . . . spread the word.
More foul smelling and sad news...

...I tell ya, my trust in Fedcoats is going to have to be measured in negative units...
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: James O'Keefe "BOMB" on Deep State
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 10:58:48 AM »
Third release, GAO clown -

These places need to be flushed and demolished.
Like the Sicilian...I am eager for rapid progress on eliminating these domestic enemies.

The are all going to SchiffCon Brown, full pants-loading crap-storm.

Good, they should be scared, but they aren't scared enough yet to suit me.

Line 'em up, knock 'em down.

*Disclaimer: The above warning applies to all other illegitimate attempts to remove the President.


PS-This treasonous piece of statist scum may want people to think he is joking...but we Deplorables want you to know for certain we are not!
In related news, possibly some positive movement on curbing the fascist nature of Big Tech like Goolag & Farcebook...

Time to cut some nuts!

And counterbalanced with some news that may not be so good...

Regulation hiding as privacy?

When is more law ever a good thing when existing laws are ignored?
Yes, but Firefox platform based on Chrome.


Calling All Cucks!

BK calls for cucks…


Uhm.....Firefox predates chrome by six years.


Damn, Sparky had bad reaction to tainted fish barfed up a mess!

The real issue with Firefox is security due to an outdated OS...found this:

The underlying architecture of Firefox was designed for a 2004 internet and it just can’t keep up these days.

In fact, at the Pwn2Own competition previously mentioned, no one even tried hacking Firefox. I guess it just isn’t a serious contender anymore. Basically, Mozilla hasn’t made enough recent security improvements for it to be taken seriously.

One of Firefox’s biggest shortcomings is that it does not use a sandbox to keep the internet separated from your system. These days I consider a sandbox essential for most users. Every other browser I cover here uses a sandbox of some kind.

We’re also discovering some major problems with Firefox’s architecture. For instance, one of the worst is that JavaScript plugins in Firefox share the same namespace. This exposes all your other plugins to possible attack by a malicious plugin you may have unknowingly installed. It’s really not a good thing if your password storage plugin is exposed like that, for instance. The worst part is that this is built into the basic architecture so can’t be fixed.

Basically, it’s time for Mozilla to scrap Firefox and rebuild it from the ground up, much like what Microsoft did with Edge and what Opera did three years ago (see below).

That doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t use Firefox anymore. It’s not going to matter much as long as your browsing habits are safe and you’re not installing evil plugins. And it’s still getting timely security updates for the things that they can fix.

As always, Firefox’s strongest point is its privacy. In fact, it’s their mission. Mozilla collects very little data and does not trade information on its users. Not to mention that Firefox is completely open source, which none of the other browsers here can claim. That means anyone can open up the source code and make sure there’s nothing shady inside.

I like Epic for general and Brave for more secure and private and Orbot/Orfox for ultimate privacy.
General Board / Re: WD-40 enrolls armed security
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 10:31:42 AM »
Same vault that holds The Colonel's recipe?

If the Colonel would have learned how to cook chicken, he'd have been a general.

World/Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump's India Pivot
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 10:30:39 AM »
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