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« Last post by NHTom on Today at 12:13:36 PM »
Here and other places we have talked and talked but we never come up with much else to do than argue with leftists and may write to our congress critters.

We face forces like Antifa.  They're celebrated in the Lame Stream Media, protected by local governments and enabled by the police.  There's no way for us to be heard without being clubbed.

I say we go after the police.

Those brave men in blue are not honorable when they intentionally fail to protect the innocent.  They're cowards.  Sure, they're only following orders.  But if following orders make them a mercenary force for local politician they're not honorable.

As we know, following orders is not an excuse for atrocities.  If they don't have the courage to follow their oath due to cowardice, I'd call them "piglets."  Letting Antifa run riot.

Antifa cannot be shamed.  Politicians can't be shamed.  Police can.  They're human.

I'd like to see bumper stickers that say things like, "STAND DOWN COWARDS"  or even "PIGLETS" with a little picture of a piglet show up in places like Berkley or Charlottesville.

It's a lot easier to fight communists before they've completely taken over.
Entertainment / Re: Trap's Movie Thread
« Last post by IronDioPriest on Yesterday at 05:17:03 PM »
Looks like Denis Villeneuve (the director of "Prisoners" and "Blade Runner 2049") is going to take a crack at "Dune". I absolutely love both those movies. Both are very smart movies that tell layered stories that require thought and understanding - my favorite kind of film. Herbert's "Dune" books are definitely that - on steroids - and that aspect was missing from David Lynch's 80s version of the story. I love Lynch's version for other reasons - some of them purely nostalgic - so I'm pretty excited to see how this gets treated by Villeneuve.
Interfering? How is what they did different than ANY political campaign in America?
I give up. How is it different?  I can't figure that out.

Reminds of some TV show or movie scene. Can't remember which one.
The detective wants to throw the suspect in jail for refusing to cooperate or somesuch.

Detective: Arrest him!
Cop: For what?
Detective: Suspicion!

One hopes he will emerge on his own ........ and soon.
Watch their head explode.
::outrage::   ::hysterical::

Now, does this mean we can take Sessions out of suspended animation?
Interfering? How is what they did different than ANY political campaign in America?

Ah, that's where Mueller's genius kicks in . . .he has determined that they did it with . . . international intentionality;)

Interfering? How is what they did different than ANY political campaign in America?
Watch their head explode.
I just realized....

Whenever someone calls Trump supporters racist or heartless or whatever, I can point out that whatever was said was likely said by a Russian spy sent here to stir up trouble.

"You can't paint all Trump supporters like that because it was a Russian who said it."
"Interfering", but to no effect.

Gummint being run by top men.  Top. Men.
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