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Food deserts.

Employment deserts.

Freedom deserts.

It's all the same shyt...progressives only make deserts of everything.  It is a true sign of how truly successful the leftist coup has been in politics, business, media and education...that a populace so intellectually stunted can be convinced that electing these people to lord over them is somehow the single greatest act of human compassion and understanding ever achieved...and even while one area after another is virtually clear cut to scorched dead earth...they keep repeating the insanity.

History / Re: Here we go again...another battle over what is history...
« Last post by Pandora on Today at 07:11:23 AM »
Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is overseeing a 7-year, $450 million revamp of the Alamo, where 189 independence fighters were killed in 1836. That includes restoration of historical structures and building a new museum and visitors' center. But some conservatives worry that the importance of the battle for the Alamo will be marginalized by "political correctness," with the overhaul sanitizing less-desirable aspects of participants' history, including that some were slaveholders.

And he's running for re-election.  The whole Bush clan, lock, stock and Mexican relations, need to go TF away.
History / Here we go again...another battle over what is history...
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 07:03:29 AM »

Why cannot anything be presented as it happened uncluttered with latter day opinionizing and editorializing by agenda-driven asshats?  People don't need to be lectured, they are fully capable of researching things themselves and if not then stop trying to Hollywood shyt up!  History especially should not be dumbed down to the lowest denominator and force-fed to people in pc/diversity/multi-culti cultist dogma!

That itch to kill things and break people gettin' twitchy again!   ::oldman::
Yeah...well...this assumes the Fedcoats haven't already sanitized whatever has already been gathered...the rest being trampled over how many times?

Leave it to bloodsucking shysters to boil everything down to who has pocket to fleece!  No tragedy wasted in the pursuit of financial windfall!

Shakespeare was right about them from the start...

It is never about justice in's only about a payday...

People need to stop playing the game their way...
One isn't a surprise...the other one somewhat...and IMO diminishes what little credibility he had left by siding with the progressive meme on things...

Establishment excrement...really, we should take this as a positive sign...the Establishment feels insecure enough to enlist not one but two ass-clowns to go out and pimp the Establishment status quo and try one more time to convince people, too many of whom know better and will not retreat into the soft tyranny of the Establishment, that the status quo is fabulous and as good as they'll ever let you get!

Yes, now is the time to push them even harder, go after them using every tool in the box and with whatever else in laying around or that  MacGyver'd for quick utility!

ATTACK!!!   ::whoohoo::
General Board / Re: More Leftist Hypocrisy on Display
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 06:44:24 AM »

MFM actually surprised Harvey not taking "rehab" seriously?!

He's taking it about as seriously as Bill Clinotn or any of the rest of these sicko lefties would take it!  DUH!
I understand the cleaver...afraid to ask about the other thingy!   ::laughonfloor::
General Board / Re: Typical male feminazi meets ironic end
« Last post by Libertas on Today at 06:37:57 AM »

Damn.  You're probably right...

Maybe a retroactive abortion is in its future too...
Oh hell yeah!

More pissed-off bomb-throwers...panty-waist ankle-grabbers time is OVER!

Don't care if it is too little too late neither...the pooh has to fly!!!

 If it's too late fine but take some of them out anyway.

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