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Entertainment / Re: The "I Saw This Funny Thing On The Net" Thread
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:28:28 AM »

I think the typo is...the missing word "ass", as in "Giant Ass of"!


BTW - As long as this idiot and the idiotette Amy are Senator's, I am denying I am from MN...I'll claim WI thank you very much!   ::unknowncomic::
Ivanka and Jared are doing all they can do to ensure Donald is a one-and-done...

...and if this D-MC report is true...Perry isn't helping...

Wanna know how to renegotiate this pig in a poke?

Tear it up!

This -

I don't see as a big deal yet...if renegotiated we'll have to see how it looks...having the leverage to blast it away may help that, I dunno...mark this one TBD...

Eff appeals...this calls for outright defiance!  The actions of this judicial terrorist are unconstitutional and hence illegal.  Ignore it!

At least this promise is coming forward -

Remember the victims of terrorists given sanctuary by rogue cities!!!
Radical Islam/GWOT / Re: UC Berkley Police side with Antifa Terrorists
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:04:02 AM »

Then there were more there is just more cow.
The Police State / Re: Militia Seizes Federal Building in Oregon
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 06:59:57 AM »
LaVoy's murderers still walking free...government still imprisoning those awaiting kangaroo court justice...jury trying to play ball with the police state but finsing it difficult...

...what a fricken joke...


It shows that throwing on charge after charge after charge shouldn't be and is likely very unconstitutional (not like that matters anymore either).    The government knows if it only goes after the one big charge,  they could lose.   So that's how we have ended up with these trials where all these many charges are brought.   So the government wins even if only one or two charges result in conviction.     You could be found innocent on 8 other things,  but since they got you on one,  you still lose even if you win most of it.

I think its the thumb on the scale of justice.  It's not just this case in particular,  but the whole system that has developed in the last half century or so.

I think the only way that ends (since a change in law is unlikely) if large amounts of juries start finding people innocent of all charges,  when they have these cases where there is a dozen charges.   Your either did something or not.    Picking from the "menu" only helps the government,  which juries shouldn't be doing.   The jury should always give the benefit of the doubt to the defendant,  never the government.   

Yes, this is what happens when lawyers run amok...their "pleading in the alternative" (ie-throw as much shyt at the wall and see what sticks) method should not have been institutionalized as if it were Constitutional, nor should juries have ever accepted the practice of picking and choosing which laws may or may not have been broken so the prosecution can get some sort of conviction or not...HTF can a lessor charge be acceptable if in most all cases the more serious charge it is linked to be found to be without merit?  Did the defendant consciously choose to commit the less egregious crime at the time because the more serious offense was just too much to risk?  And if these judicial statists want to give juries choices then clearly the juries need to start taking this more seriously and think about if they were in this same circumstance and start finding people not guilty on ALL charges!  But that will be hard, the statists have a domesticated herd on their side in most cases...and even if just one juror holds out for acquittal on all is a hung jury and they get a Mulligan to try again with a new crop of idiots.  IMO a hung jury in non-capital/rape cases should be treated like an acquittal.
He's saying it's illegal to enforce the law.  No more, no less.

What do you expect from a corrupt piece of garbage who's a big money Democrat bundler, which means he basically purchased his court seat.
Radical Islam/GWOT / Re: UC Berkley Police side with Antifa Terrorists
« Last post by ToddF on April 26, 2017, 07:41:35 PM »
It's time for another college campus tragedy.


It's the logical end game when no adults are in charge, anymore.
Entertainment / Re: Trap's Movie Thread
« Last post by John Florida on April 26, 2017, 07:39:00 PM »

It looked like he was close to needing a walker in The Force Awakens...lucky for him he's out of those he gonna kick in this flick too?

  They're still not sure that it's over,  Trust me it's over,
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