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Sports / Re: NBA Poster Boy Goes Full SJW-Pimp
« Last post by ToddF on Yesterday at 06:52:01 PM »
Speaking of the NBA, this country is in mourning, today.  Jeremy Lin went down for the season.

The NBA doesn't have much class left to lost and they definitely just lost another chunk.
  Boot them out altogether.
Hmm...the entrepreneur in me wants to open some clinics to help men like this complete the "trans"-ition.

Aside from rent on a building or office space, the tools are pretty basic:

1 Meat Cleaver, 1 Apple Corer
General Board / Re: Typical male feminazi meets ironic end
« Last post by John Florida on Yesterday at 05:31:44 PM »
  He'll get a job at NOW.
Oh hell yeah!

More pissed-off bomb-throwers...panty-waist ankle-grabbers time is OVER!

Don't care if it is too little too late neither...the pooh has to fly!!!

 If it's too late fine but take some of them out anyway.
World/Foreign Affairs / Re: Is the EU Going to Topple?
« Last post by John Florida on Yesterday at 05:20:34 PM »
The Catalans have been madly importing islamics for some time now and the fear by Spain is Catalan's independence opens a much bigger gateway into Spain and Europe of the Caliphate.

 When it started they didn't GAS now all of a sudden they care??   Bullsh*t!! The public face they're putting on it has nothing to do with Muslims.
Entertainment / Re: TV viewing
« Last post by rustybayonet on Yesterday at 02:13:39 PM »
This is about the only one on now that I can watch and laugh about each time.
Entertainment / Re: TV viewing
« Last post by Weisshaupt on Yesterday at 01:25:42 PM »
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