The Police State


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[1] Stingray, DRT "Dirt Boxes", Cellbrite, Kingfisher, Stargrazer, Cyberhawk..oh my!

[2] Wikileaks releases "Vault 7" - CIA Hacking Tools

[3] 41 people *arrested* for Tweeting flashing images

[4] What should be the fate of IRS Abteilungsleiter Koskinen?

[5] Fascist IL State Senator Julie Morrison introduces SB 1291 Gun Confiscation bill

[6] Deep State interfering with Liberty-oriented websites?

[7] Obama's EPA Thug denies they waged war on coal!

[8] Is this even an issue? Why should the press be any different than us?

[9] Goebbels Acolyte David Brock Puts Forth His Bid for #1 A-Hole Honor


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