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[1] Corrupt News Nitwits & PMSNBCer's panties in a twist over WH seating assignments

[2] Goebbels Media Acolyte (Yeah, it's a NY Slimes "editor") outed by Veritas

[3] I've been waiting a long time for an uprising against the Goebbels Media!

[4] Goebbels Media struggling with geography again...

[5] As the Smegyn slowly sinks into the muck...

[6] Plantation Trustees getting uppity over their treatment by Egalitarian Elite!

[7] James O’Keefe - American Pravda series - "Fireworks are coming"

[8] ESPN like any prog-fested media outfit is filled with SJW racists...

[9] FakeBook once again solidifies its position as a front for DemoProg criminals


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