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Re: NICS Checks update
« Reply #120 on: March 14, 2017, 01:27:05 PM »
Gun Sales Crash...

See the Crash? No?

The NICS checks data isn't a one for one map of gun sales, but over that same period, what do we see?

And they are expecting a 10-15% drop?  Sure.  And so far that data bears that out.. but the numbers are still over 3 times the Bush Year baseline and the trend is still upward.

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Re: NICS Checks update
« Reply #121 on: March 15, 2017, 06:52:54 AM »
Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...

OMG, sales are declining!


Of course they are...people we're hedging against B Hussein O and the Merry Band of Gun-Grabbing DemoFascists taking their rights away...and it wasn't an unjustified concern.  Like reading any chart, take the spikes out of play and the overall trend is still up.  Duh, it's a math thing...and most manufacturers added more capacity and workers to meet the increasing demand, now the demand is slacking off and to what level we do not yet know...but if the average plant had 200 workers pre-Obama and added 200 more then contracted and let 120 go they are still 80 more than when they started...and idiots bitch?

Lets look at these fricken idiots a minute...

First, they are ungrateful for the net jobs could assume they must have been ecstatic over the 80+ million just arbitrarily purged from the labor force as unnecessary by the Obama Admin as they would otherwise make the already over-cooked U-3 numbers looks significantly worse.

Second, what have these a-holes like Mayor Leonard done to foster a more hospitable Second Amendment environment?  Is he a part of Bloomie's Legion of DemoNazi gun-haters?  Is he actively combating the the Blooming Fascists?  What is he doing in his own state to make the environment of Liberty better?

Third, stock analysts like this Hardiman at Wedbush perpetuate overblown myths and incentivize perverse behavior...sure declining sales in the short term, but to pin this on a "Republican" in the White House is a gross overreaction that hides the more import issue of "who caused the big runnup to begin with and why?" (and i would throw in a snarky "stupid fothermucker" at the end of that just because...well, because!).  And, spreading the excrement that the threat is gone is a whale of a lie!  The Blooming Nazis are still out there, the DemoFascist pols are still out there, the Goebbels media is still out there, the proglodyte special interests are still out there and that terrorist bagman Soros is still out there giving millions to all of them!  Think they quit or are just quietly bidding their time?  This stupid SOB Hardiman does, but he's a fricken stock monkey, he just cares about short term impact, period.  Check back in year or two, see what this ape says...could be 180 degrees different.

Fourth, echoing the above I said in the Interesting Manufacturing Statistics thread - Now things are slacking off, which may be good for buying opportunities for weapons and ammo...I do not agree that a slacking off is wise...people shouldn't be feeling secure now...we a re still a heartbeat away from God-knows-what...

Stuff can change fast, the threats are nowhere near gone, keep your powder dry and well stocked!   ;)
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