Author Topic: STEM fields "hostile to women and minorities" because they use Scientific Method  (Read 585 times)

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Fran Poretto tells us about a recent doctoral dissertation, which is in fact little more than a feminist j'accuse! of the STEM disciplines for, essentially, being "disciplines" in the first place.

The supposedly PhD-level intellect responsible for this goes on to assert that STEM courses are hostile to women and minorities because they insist on minimal prerequisite knowledge in order to succeed in the course.  So you see, it's patriarchy bullsh*t to say algebra and calculus are necessary prereqs for study of physics.

You know, at least the Dark Ages had a decent excuse, the Roman Empire had collapsed and people found themselves isolated intellectually, and their efforts turned more toward merely staying alive.  The New Dark Ages will come about by deliberate acts.
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The ditz is a doctoral candidate in Education.  In other words, this faux doctorette will be charge of your child's next school.

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To be is only progressive women...and since when have captive minorities ever not enjoyed a good crutch?
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