Author Topic: Republicans Introduce Bill to Reform Silencer Laws to Both Houses of Congress  (Read 469 times)

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The bills would remove the special $200 tax and months-long registration process currently applied to silencers.

... The requirement that anyone buying a silencer from a licensed gun dealer pass a background check will remain.

...“This legislation will enable gun owners to have better access to hearing protection products and improve safety for the shooting sports by removing extensive wait times for burdensome paperwork processing that does not advance public safety,” said Lawrence Keane, senior vice president at the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Stellar.  And it needs to be made "shall issue", not "may".

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I sure could have used them when I was expending ammo in our uncle's training camps.  ::rockets::  I would not miss the one note serenade I've heard for the last nearly 50 years.
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When the least expensive suppressor can run about $400 and then climb upwards from there the tax is gratuitous and punitive.

And yes, like with CCW...screw that "may" noise...time to put some bite on the "shall NOT be infringed" right!!!

PS-Get rid of the ATF! 

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