Author Topic: Summerville, SC at Alston Middle School were being indoctrinated to (P)Islam!  (Read 422 times)

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Permission from parents?  Ha!  Proglodyte indoctrination centers don't have to answer to any cis-gender garbage...or anybody!

Oh, the five pillars of that Satanic death cult the brainwashed call Islam?


1-Women are property, at all ages...all good Muslim men can marry as many and as young as they like, beat, rape, mutlilate and limits.

2-There is no thing as not being on Jihad, Jihad is constant...there are always infidels to deal with.

3-Peace is a takkiya term, basically all lying, especially to infidels is not only encouraged, it is mandatory.

4-Infidels include all non-Muslims and those Muslims deemed blasphemous.

5-No Muslim can be charged with any crime no matter what is done if done to an infidel or an unsubmissive/un-islamic woman/servant.

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