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Chip Gerdes
« on: May 06, 2013, 02:13:13 PM »

Chip Gerdes, Remembered

The first rule of Chip Gerdes was, nobody talked about Chip Gerdes. In a world of political fame-junkies, nobody was so deliberately anonymous
Chip was a “black ops” guy, a disciple of the legendary Republican operative Roger Stone. He was adept at research and organizing, but his specialty was the kind of no-fingerprints political trickery that some people have termed “ratf**king.”

Jim Hoft pays tribute
Dana Loesch
Most people couldn’t fathom all that he contributed to our movement. They simply don’t know. They don’t know how many victories he helped win for conservatives.

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Re: Chip Gerdes
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We sure could use more operatives of this type vs the Rovians who only enjoy ratf**king conservatives.  Literally a dying breed.  Can't afford those kind of loses...

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