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Amen! Good move. This was NEVER about service providers or prohibiting snowflakes their Gaming, InstaGram, FarceBook, etc... was & is all about content control. They can't control they're attempting a "content neutral" online environment...which would make forums like this one...targets.

Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Coup
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America's Most Treasonous

Entertainment / Re: The "I Saw This Funny Thing On The Net" Thread
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This is the assclown that the assclown Matt Damon wants investigating asshats like Al Franken before other asshats like Damon can get off the fence as to wether those asshats should be asshats in Congress any more...

You literally cannot make this sh*t up fast enough!

Though Monty Python would, routinely...with their "Those responsible have been sacked" schtick!
Crazy Asian-haters went through with it...

...I bet the crazy racist black biological female pumped her fist afterwards and muttered "Die Asian scum, die!"...

And very sweeping in a Stalinist way..."any physical barrier"...

When/if this insanity comes into effect...these owners should wear full body armor and open carry as a "eff u"...

If me I wouldn't be anywhere near cities this batshyt crazy in the first place!

I guess they'll have no choice but to let the place get torched and take the insurance settlement and retire in the Caribbean...

Hire a young black fella to man the counter 1/1/21!  And make sure the cash register has little in it!
Duh.  Tell us something we don't know, Mr. Nobel Laureate.
Exactly, it's like anything before Hussein gamed the system never happened...

ETA - The fact that the ACLU is acting up like a typical jackass is more proof to me this was a wise decision!

...what a bunch of asshats!
Joyless stink-baits at the University of Minnestupid going full retard again...

“In general, the following are not appropriate for gatherings and displays at this time of year since they typically represent specific religious iconography:

Santa Claus, Angels, Christmas trees, Star of Bethlehem, Dreidels, Nativity scene, Bows/wrapped gifts, Menorah, Bells, Doves, Red and Green or Blue and White/Silver decoration themes (red and green are representative of the Christian tradition as blue and white/silver are for Jewish Hanukkah that is also celebrated at this time of year).”

You know what the University off Effed Up Diversity is telling me?

If you guessed "Display that stuff everywhere" you win a red and green sugar-ladden Christmas cookie!!!

PS-Santa says: Screw your batshyt diversity!

Let's trigger them with "Operation Decorama!"

Had to listen to Klobuchar's schoolmarm scolding voice on the news yesterday telling us (paraphrased) "Since the beginning of the Internet, NetNeutrality® has given us innovation, access to information, yadda-yadda-yadda...."

Do these idiots really expect us to believe that the Hussein regime's grab of control on his way out the door in 2016 was the way it always was, and now we're gonna ruin innovation?

The Internet went from 28k dial-up to what it is today with no NetNeutrality®. It'll be just fine, morons.
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