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Title: First Amendment Auditors
Post by: Libertas on January 13, 2019, 10:57:37 AM
AFAIAC this is primarily a good thing.

For too long people have become frightened docile ignorant and lazy about safeguarding their long as no aggressive moves are made and verbal interaction is polite there should be no unreasonable impediment to their movement, as I would not expect to encounter any if doing the same...we pay government workers their wages...we are their bosses, not the politicians who are unfaithful agents on our behalf...we have rights and should have the will to exercise them. (

I've encountered this BS "they scare me, make me feel uncomfortable" crap among government workers is pure a free nation with a society that cherishes Liberty there should be no citizen ever uncomfortable or fearful of their government...and if government is uncomfortable or fearful of the people then they have to ask themselves what they are doing wrong to arouse the citizenry!
Title: Re: First Amendment Auditors
Post by: Alphabet Soup on January 13, 2019, 11:55:35 AM
Watching the 1st amendment audits on U-toob is a guilty pleasure for me.

Who: Mostly misfit anti-authoritarians. From what I've been able to establish, there are more that lean left then right politically - but there are plenty who are staunch conservatives. They range in age from late 20's to late 60's.

What: Videographers of public officials in the commission of their public duties.

Where: Everywhere government officials meet the public. I've seen videos of interactions with cops outside my little town cop shop.

When: The earliest videos I've seen were from late 2015 through this morning.

Why: This is the most subjective part. The motives and actions of the various auditors very. Some actively invite confrontation and want to set up cops to look bad on film. I do not support these guys and I'm often critical of them in my comments. The best ones are guys like "High Desert Community Watch" and "News Now Houston" who insist that the laws regarding public photography be respected by public officials.

The videos themselves range from silly to chilling. They do an excellent job of publicizing bad cops - and there are dozens and dozens (and dozens) of them (both bad cops and videos of bad cops doing what they do best).

What one can learn from them: Know and defend your rights.

You don't have to be one of these modern-day Don Quixote to run afoul of the law. One evening about two years ago I was driving home along a street that turns from a two lane (one lane each direction) to a four lane (two lanes each direction). There is no lane markage until after the intersection (about 20 yards). I naturally took the outside lane.

I had only traveled about sixty feet when a cop car raced up to the edge of the street like he was going to blast out onto the street. He had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting me.

He pulled out behind me and pulled me over after almost a mile.

He approached the car and greeted me in a brusk and clearly annoyed manner. After taking possession of my documents he proceeded to berate me for an "illegal lane change" and "failure to yield". He claimed that "Had we collided it would have been my fault". All three claims were untrue.

He shined his ultra-bright flashlight into my eyes and then accused me of being under the influence due to my eyes (I wasn't). He pointed to my shaking leg and demanded to know why I was so nervous. I told him that I had early onset Parkinsons and was only nervous to the extent that a man with a gun was yelling at me and acting irrationally. I invited him to write me a ticket and otherwise leave me alone.

He continued to badger me for half and hour. I asked if I was free to go and he said no. I asked why I was being detained and reminded him that a lawful detainment must be 20 minutes or less and then he has to either arrest me or let me go.

So he let me go - with various warnings and implied threats.

He let his ego get in the way of a series of poor judgements on his part. He scapegoated me in an effort to divert blame from his actions to my presence. It was only by the grace of Gd that it didn't turn out worse.

They have all the power - we have none. The current crop of cops are total authoritarians drunk with power. They regard us as sheeple needing a prod now and then to stay in line. I have no use for any of them except to clean the blood off the sidewalk.
Title: Re: First Amendment Auditors
Post by: Libertas on January 13, 2019, 02:00:31 PM
Yeah, that stinks big-time.  I always liked the "crossed the fog line" hell I did, or like hell you can see it in winter with  ::cussing::  all over the road.  Same deal, ticket me and I'll fight it with pics for the judge or call this a warning, don't GAFF either way.  And city clowns are almost always universally worse!