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Radical Islam/GWOT / Re:'s the "whole basket"!
« Last post by Pandora on March 25, 2015, 01:56:33 PM »
Little bit off-topic in that islam is not involved, but the "principle" is the same .......

... Liberals like Obama and Davidson demand mandatory celebrations of “diversity” and immigration precisely because they hurt Americans. Afterwards, they mock conservatives and other non-liberals for worrying about the very real harms that liberals trumpet. This will sometimes take the form of a lie which liberals gleefully tell to enrage helpless Americans. Importing tens of millions of foreign workers into the labor market every single year won’t hurt American workers, Davidson asserts: “Most economists now believe that Card’s findings were correct: Immigrants bring long-term benefits at no measurable short-term cost.” No short-term cost, eh? The IT professionals forced to train their alien replacements and victims murdered by Obama’s DREAMers might beg to differ.

... Mocking Americans for fearing the destruction of the economy they built and the political system they have sustained for over 226 years is the point of Davidson’s piece, and the impetus driving calls on the Left for more immigration. What animates much of the discussion surrounding immigration policy is naked hatred for conservatives and contempt for American workers, a mostly unremarked-upon phenomenon.
Entertainment / Re: The "I Saw This Funny Thing On The Net" Thread
« Last post by Libertas on March 25, 2015, 12:11:10 PM »
My sister in law is a CPA. You would be surprised by 1) the amount of people who do not have health insurance 2) They have no clue there is a fine.

I saw a poll recently that put that number in the high 40's.   Hey, Wake up morons.
Even better are the people who signed up  on estimated income and are going to get a claw back this year.

BTW, The Dread Traitor Roberts re-wrote the legislation to make that a tax, not a fine...

Dread Traitor Roberts be B. Hussein O's best butt-buddy!

Be sure to treat them the same!   ;)
The Police State / Re: I really don't like the direction automakers are going!
« Last post by Glock32 on March 25, 2015, 11:15:00 AM »
I know a lot of newer cars with onboard navigation will even chime an alarm if you exceed the posted speed limit where you're at.  Are we to seriously believe the system isn't easily capable of recording a log of this, for later retrieval by who knows what agency?

Is it going to be like the movie Demolition Man, where you get fined for using profanity, because no matter where you are there's a listening device capable of determining your identity?

Demolition Man - All the Swearing and Getting Fined Parts (Newer Version Available,7/29/12)
And all that is by way of saying that I've never before felt so disenfranchised - and I can't tell you how invigorating it is! They can all go straight to hell.

I am an Outlaw!
I was just going to post the lyrics but I'm in a jolly mood this AM so here's the full boat...

"Outlaw Man"

I am an outlaw, I was born an outlaw's son
The highway is my legacy
On the highway I will run
In one hand I've a Bible
In the other I've got a gun
Well, don' you know me
I'm the man who won
Woman don't try to love me
Don't try to understand
A life upon the road is the life of an outlaw man

First left my woman, it was down in Santa Fe
Headed for Oklahoma, I was ridin' night and day
All of my friends are strangers,
They quickly come and go

And all my love's in danger,
'Cause I steal hearts and souls
Woman, don't try to love me
Don't try to understand A life upon the road is the life of an outlaw man

Woman, don't try to love me
Don't try to understand
A life upon the road is the life of an outlaw man

Some me call me Abel,
Some men call me Cain,
Some men call me sinner, Lord
Some men call me saint

Some say there's a Jesus
Some men say there ain't
When you got no life to lose
Then there's nothin' left to gain
Outlaw man
Outlaw man

Outlaw Man * The Eagles; with banjo introduction.
Sure wish those ZH clowns would be ideologically consistent...

Where would be the comedic interlude value in that?

Heh.  Nice term...comedic interlude...

Something has to break up the constant irritation, we'll take what we can get!
Sure wish those ZH clowns would be idelogically consistent...

Where would be the comedic interlude value in that?
Judiciary, Crime, & Courts / When Fedcoats break the ain't no big deal...
« Last post by Libertas on March 25, 2015, 09:27:52 AM »

Don't fire 'em, don't arrest them and try them, don't garnish...don't do jack sh*t!

Are we there yet?
More DemonRats behaving normally...nothing to see here...move along...

...go find some Pubbies...especially those upitty Tea Bagger kind to go after for jaywalking or some made up sh*t already!!!
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