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Oblivions, the other manure.


I would add Decepticons to the list.
Clinton's just jealous.
2nd Amendment/Firearms / Re: Cheap AK mags -- Eastern bloc surplus
« Last post by AlanS on Yesterday at 09:17:09 AM »
Since the EU depends on Russian natural gas and pipelines, that's some serious theater.
I hope James Janos dies of a protracted battle with an extremely painful disease.

These goons emit CO2, they should seize themselves!!!  EPA goons too, there is CO2 spewing goons everywhere!

This is fricken ridiculous!  Private property?  Pah!  Silly peasant!  Laws?  Pah!  They too are what the state says it wants!  Rights?  Pah!  What do you think this is, a country that values Liberty and God-given rights?  Pah, silly serf!  You will pay, you will comply!

When is someone gonna drop some of these clowns?

I assume the Vehicle complied with State regulations or it would have a plate.  The Feds could have taken the plate and left the vehicle to be used as a planter.
No this is obvious probing and muscle flexing by the DHS to see just how NAZI they can go before someone shoots one of them between the eyes.
You can bet this person donated money to a Tea Party organization as well. And why wait till after the vehicle was sold to take it? Why not go after the guy selling it? Was the guy selling it in on the sting?  Maybe some big-wig at DHS just wanted one of his own. Completely lawless.
Shoot when you see the Whites of their eyes are accept they will rob and steal you blind. Bow before your masters.

"Honest Judge, I just thought they were thieves dressed up as Feds - because the Feds don't have the authority to seize a vehicle based on its type - I just got it- I  had driven it once. .  Its emissions were Zero.  They had to be thieves, and they pointed weapons at me and threatened me to I pointed my weapon at them and killed them dead as the scum they are. "

Green Police: Audi Super Bowl Ad

Remember Audi's Green Police Ad.
How Funny.
Still Laughing?

At least 40 cars were taken by DHS who apparently enforces EPA "Regulations" now ( they aren't laws, no congressman ever passed them)   The reason?  They were illegal imported.

So were all of those immigrants from South America- but I don't see DHS doing anything about that.  If you open the border all sorts of contraband will come across.  And now you are going to arrest and punish not the IMPORTER but the person who buys the good legally?   If you wanted to stop the import of these vehicles you should have done it at the border.  Buy your own policy once they are in the country they are legal.

Thanks MNHawk, these are all spot on!

This one almost cost me a new keyboard -

Blue Falcon National Champ...and then some!


I wondered of Malkin was nuts, selling Hot Air just to start this.  No, she's not nuts, she's brilliant, for having the ability to do things, like consolidate all the epic pwnage against Jesse Ventura into one, easy to find location.  Read and laugh.

Military News/Veterans / RIMPAC 2014 - 24th Annual - In Pictures
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:44:53 AM »

Just ignore the ZH chatter and enjoy the pics...

All I'll say about the particpants is...probably not the brightest idea to invite any BRICS member along...   ::facepalm::

That idea had to be O'Chimpy's...   ::unknowncomic::
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: 2014 Races...if anybody cares...
« Last post by Libertas on Yesterday at 07:40:28 AM »
If I didn't have my district to live in, I guess being in the same part of Montana as this guy wouldn't be a bad choice...

...need more of this kinda guy around all of us...

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