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There are a lot of people in Canada I like, Harper is on that list, as is this fine gentleman -

It doesn't matter, the phrase "is not a hoax" is in the language, that is all the Progs need to run with.  Why would anybody give the Progs anything?  Then again, why do the Pubbies always give the Progs everything?
Faith & Family / Re: 18 year old woman wants to marry her father
« Last post by Libertas on January 23, 2015, 06:20:10 AM »
For example, the kind of "love" a Muzzie exhibits when genitally mutliating their wives...or have them stoned to death...are examples of "good love", as is the case of same sex marriages and now this effed up pair of sickos.  But, if I say I really really love to convert sickos into healthier people by translating them into the next life, well, one wonders what the libertines might say, eh?

You didn't mention where Muzzie/goat love fits in there.

Well there certainly would not be any children from that pairing

Children, no...but perhaps the 'Slim would be permitted to adopt the goat'

That was...  Baaaad.

That really got my goat.

Funny Goats Screaming like Humans
The first comment epitomizes the trash that is today's left.

Don't be surprised if we kill you, after you kill some of us in response to us killing you.

I read this all springs from the corruption probe Cuomo tried to shut down.   ::thinking::

Not that it matters.  A low information, corrupt people will just insert another corrupt piece of garbage with the IQ of a flea, to replace the last one.  Like minds and all...
Nice, all without naming names. ::thumbsup::
I am not sure this is as it appears to all of you. Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma, a great opponent of MMGW lies, voted for this.......remarking that there has ALWAYS been climate change, even since biblical times.  Almost no one denies there is climate change. The real issue is can we stop it and why would we try? (Warming actually increases food supplies!) Regardless, Inhofe's statement makes me think this is a non-issue, just a vote to get this off the meaningless as a vote for apple pie.
Oh, the left is appalled.  Tsk, tsk.  Let them be so.  If it wasn't this, it'd be something else again.
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