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General Board / Re: Culture Watch: Black Trash Edition
« Last post by Libertas on July 26, 2016, 08:15:39 AM »
If all blacks are to be lumped together for the actions of one like the Progs and blacks like to do...then apparently all blacks are Jew-haters...

Hank Johnson...

Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Hillary picks Tim Kaine for her VP spot
« Last post by Libertas on July 26, 2016, 08:06:46 AM »
And Biden 2.0 is promising to legalize all alien criminals!

Think the ones that are here won't vote illegally to secure that gift?  He basically told the illegals to swamp the polls.
If your goal is an outright gun ban, you need to use terms such as “common sense gun legislation” to fool the public, a Hillary Clinton campaign delegate admitted in a recent undercover sting video released exclusively to Infowars.
“Saying you want to ban guns altogether, that’s going to piss everybody off,” the Clinton alternate delegate, Mary Bayer, told a Project Veritas reporter.
Instead, Bayer revealed, Democrats use “moderate” language when it comes to guns to obscure their true purpose, a complete elimination of the Second Amendment.
“You have to take that sort of moderate… ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!’” Bayer told the reporter, adding, “You say sh*t like that, and then people will buy into it.”
Bayer also admitted Hillary “for sure” would support banning guns, and said the only way to actualize that goal would be to “get Democrats in office.”

And, turning the tables on these elitist hypocrite bastards -

The latest damning sting video follows another Project Veritas effort in which reporters posing as the group “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” asked anti-gun politicians if they would display signs on their front lawns declaring their homes “Gun free zones.”
Unsurprisingly, none of the politicians wanted the sign displayed at their homes.

Molan Labe.
Radical Islam/GWOT / Mainstream Mohammadan's Behead French Priest
« Last post by Libertas on July 26, 2016, 07:58:12 AM »

Yeah, turn the other cheek, that's what Progs will say...

Charles Martel must be ashamed of his descendants...I know I am.

The weariness of dealing with the constant ooze of Clinton corruption, collusion, cronyism, criminality, creepiness, cynicism, cackling, calumny, canter, chantage, claptrap, clitter, cloaca, codswallop, conspurcation, contretemps and cytheromania...would lead one to believe people have had enough.  But then again latter day citizens are largely lazy, ignorant, stupid and morally bankrupt, so...

Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: Wikileaks releases 20,000 hacked DNC emails
« Last post by Libertas on July 26, 2016, 07:08:18 AM » was back in the mid-80's I think when rampant and unrepentant left-wing bias first revealed itself to me and it probably crystallized around the time of the Bork confirmation hearings that I joked that a Democrat could murder somebody on live TV and still not be held accountable for their actions while everybody else gets publically destroyed for the slightest infraction of the shade in the shadow of the most minor of rules.  And who knew just a few short years later the Clinton years would put that notion on steroids?  Well, sure we all did.  But the proto-FSA nourished during the Clinton years really bloomed into the repulsive turd-blossoms of Millennial FSA losers didn't it?  Hard to have an Obama without 'em.  They crowed rapturously about the impending rule of Duh Wun and all the free shyt/reparations by other names coming their way.

We'll see if these leaks amount to anything, perhaps enough will ooze into some minds to at least make them want the torture to stop...which denying the succubus any more attention would accomplish.

The thought did occur to me that if not for the Trump candidacy these hacks and leaks might not have ever occurred.  I am guessing these are Libertarian-oriented hackers, who as a group per se have a vested interest in sticking it to the Ruling Class regardless of party affiliation and who are not above breaking privacy laws (when the Fedcoat spaymasters at the NSA do it to millions if not billions of people worldwide including their own citizens without their consent and they go unpunished) to help their guy and stick it to the sole surviving Ruling Class clown.

But the thought also occurred to me (see above bias & FSA rant) that the time for such a tactic to have a practical political advantage is two decades stale.  But there is value in documenting the crimes for when summary judgment's are being carried out on our streets, so...I'm OK with it.

My gym facebook page has several posts of democrats stating they are done. Apparently they are watching the anti cop display and a few have had enough. I refuse to watch. I know what's happening.

Man, there is such a ground swell of contempt for her.
Hillary is a vampire.  She just has that vampire quality, like I could imagine her drinking the blood of babies to extend her life or something.

The other day it occurred to me (and reminded me that I am getting older) that most of your wet-behind-the-ears, young-and-dumb Bernie supporters aren't old enough to remember anything about the Clinton years.  Many of them weren't even alive then.  Hillary is not this iconic figure to them.  This reality simply does not jive with the media narrative that there's some huge pent up desire to see her finally over the finish line.
So I heard in the stadium where they're having this thing, the different seating sections called "red, white, and blue" are having "white" removed from the names, because racism.

First of all, someone has to sit around a table thinking this stuff up and the others have to think it's a good idea. 2nd, I like to read the pro Hillary stories...not that I like Hillary but to read the comments. Whether it's a CNN puff piece or one like this above, the disgust for Hillary runs deep and wide. I'm not sure who is gonna vote for her but from the comments on every story I read, apparently not very many. I know the fix is likely in....but it must be a doozy.
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