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The "Educators" / Re: May I Present: Awesome Prof. Mike Adams, UNC-W
« Last post by Alphabet Soup on January 18, 2017, 12:12:35 PM »
That was very good. I liked the way he tied things together at the end.

I also would like to think that, due to the influence of Mr. Adams, there's one less "stupid blonde chick" (who was never really stupid except in the eyes of leftists).
The "Educators" / Re: May I Present: Awesome Prof. Mike Adams, UNC-W
« Last post by BigAlSouth on January 18, 2017, 09:39:12 AM »
Prof. Adams' latest:

Check out the links at the bottom of the Townhall post to read several more.
The hate and threats just keep coming!

First, that hideous horse-faced John Kerry seems to echo the Deep State snuff rumors when he jokes about the Trump Administration being around only a year or two...

All I can say is, given the incompetence of the CIA...hopefully fag-lover CIA head and his prancing minions get charged with that task and it fails miserably.

Our Man-on-the-Street James O'Keefe infiltrates some of the]rabid butthurt snowflakes of the Himmler variety planning to be jackasses on Friday.

They are probably more inept than the prancing fairy Deep State hit squad, I think the previously mentioned vet brigade is more than capable of dealing with this rabble.

Trump hating and threats continue to be all the rage in the idiot communities, especially virulent in the bastions of fascist indoctrination.

But in more serious news...gun stashes are being discovered in DC and I can't help thinking "these are merely the ones meant to be found" as a distraction from something worse.

But, if anything does happen...round these traitors up first:

And let the Second American Civil War commence.  If they want's all up to them to start it.   ;)
There's one in every...planet?   ::hysterical::

Meanwhile, in the last hours of the SCoaMF nightmare...

Obongo commutes Mr/Mrs/@#%&ingwhateveritis Mannings sentence and it is probably a foregone conclusion that that miserable traitor muzzie-wannabe Bergdahl will get his in the waning minutes!

Then that miserable treasonous piece of scat cuts a filthy deal with Cuba that lets Obama-filth like the bloody Black Panther terrorist Chesimard and the Puerto Rican terrorist Morales reside peacefully in the Communist Paradise!  And, he follows that up with clemency for FALN terrorist scumbag Oscar Lopez-Rivera!

The treason of this POS knows no end!!!

Sick!!!  All these murderers need to be put down!!!   ::outrage::

Longest most painful exit EVER!!!
Yes, nicely put...the productive half.   ::thumbsup::

Hopefully, if nobody is looking...some can be made to earn their 30 pieces of silver...


Hopefully, no one is unduly bludgeoned, pummeled, lacerated, mercilessly savaged, disemboweled or, uhm...administered an involuntary, back-alley trans-gender procedure. Because that would, terrible...horrible, even.  ;)
You can probably count the Republicans on one hand who don't like Trump's cabinet picks.  Right there points to this as a fraud.

Love Trump or hate him, there's a lot of love for this cabinet, in the productive half of America.
It's January 20 for me sooner than it is for you guys.

Just sayin'


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