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2nd Amendment/Firearms / Biennial NRA Outrage
« Last post by Libertas on October 29, 2014, 07:04:35 AM »

Every election year it happens...every election year we bitch about it...every year we know it is coming...and every year the outrage is the same, it's just the names that change a little bit here and there as time stretches out...

I usually dispatch the e-mail pleadings, along with every other plea for funds from candidates, groups...and all the other junk en masse.  Then The Rifleman shows up, I don't read every square inch of that, I skip a lot of the Poohbah pablum and just pick out the gun/ammo/accessory thing that might catch my eye...

Couldn't miss the pre-election cover though, a scowing menacing Darth Obola and a smug Darth Bloomie polluting the whole face of the thing!

Couldn't miss the itemized list of gun-outrages that preface this years crop of NRA-endorsed talking monkies...and noting with irony and outrage how an exposition on the evils of the gun-grabbing goons all around can lead to the endorsement of DemonRats?!?!?!

Ahh yes, NRA outrage, you've come back again!  How nice. 

Lets review my particular incredulous insert, and then perhaps others can join in with their own, I figure since this is almost certain to continue for as long as the nation has left to it, so might as well chronical this while we can.

OK then, I assume everybody is familiar with the NRA ratings, simple letter grades A-F with a "Q" following noting the rating was based upon questionaire, as there is no previous voting record available (probably because they are from a municipal seat more typically from a rural area who had no 2A issues, occupied their previous office without encountering any 2A issues or were too short in tenure, or they came from the private sector), anybody with a "?" is in the latter group who refused to answer the questionaire (and IMO should be graded an "F" automatically).

Anyway, Minnesota outrage:

US House:

1st District - Endorsing Walz-D (A) over Hagedorn-R (AQ).  Don't know anything about Hagedorn, but surely his voting record should as good if not better in Congress on 2A issues and certainly has to be better on most every other issue.  Way to go, NRA!

4th District - No endorsement, Wahlgren-R (?) & McCollum-D (F).  Oh come on!  This is my old district, and corpse is better than Betty fricken McCollum!  Risk a "?" over and "F", WTF you got to lose?  Anyway, this is a hardcore libiot district the way it is gerrymandered so this is the least of my bitches.

7th District - Peterson-D (A) over Westrom-R (A).  WTF?  Both got A's and you take the DemonRat?  This is insane!  I don't care if Westrom was caught on film with a hooker, he has to be better than this tired old DemonRat fossil!

MN AG - No endorsement, Newman-R (A) & Swanson-D (A).  Seriously?  They know ANYTHING about Minnesota?  Swanson is a party whore through and through!  How'd she get an "A"?  Somebody blew somebody!!!

MN Auditor - No endorsement, Gilbert-R & Otto-D, no ratings.  Seriously, come on, Rebecca Otto?  Again, clueless about MN, not that an auditor has much contact with 2A issues, but on a financial periphery perhaps, why not endorse somebody?  I guess they figure we have time, that their Dem's in the "A" rating won't let it all slide into the gutter, than 2A rights (despite their preceeding screed) have never been stronger and are in no particular danger after all.  And if a frog had wings he would'nt bump his ass when he hops!

I didn't go through all the State Districts, mine looks to be safe and should be won by a sensible person, I'm sure there are outrages there too, but I'll leave that for others...this little effort spent my powder...I feel like all I did was, well...

All the NRA ever does is...

Anyway, thanks again NRA, for another biennial blunder!

Weather, Climate, & Natural Disasters / Re: Now we can all save the planet
« Last post by richb on October 29, 2014, 03:10:43 AM »
Yuck!   Do it long enough and your bathroom will always smell like piss.   The shower isn't designed (unlike the toilet) to contain the odor.    Plus it will start to eat away at the finish of your tub too.

Speaking from experience????

I'm betting if you ask most guys ( and they answer truthfully) they have taken a leak in the shower.

Managed property for a college which of course included dorms.   Some bathrooms would be so nasty.   Once its got that smell,  its nearly impossible to get rid of it (permanently)without major work.   Most don't seem to run enough water (you need more then you think) to clear plumbing traps (that curved piece of pipe below a fixture) of pee.    Pee has ammonia in it too,  and many finishes of bathtubs aren't designed to have that on it on a regular basis (pee as well as cleaners with it).   That includes fiberglass tubs,  which are about the only kind installed today. 

And have to say this too.  A clean swimming pool should not have an odor.    If your pool smells like "chorine",  its not clean.   That smell is the result of chemical reactions that happen when chorine is trying to counteract things like pee and other things like deodorant in the water.    Chorine should be killing germs,  not filtering pee (though it does do it pretty well).   Thats why people need to shower before swimming in a pool.    And when the water stings your eyes,  its not the chorine that is doing it.  Yes,  ick!

Pee in a tub enough,  I imagine you would create problems similar to swimming pools.  Yup,  most pools aren't as clean as you think they are.   
Economy / Re: You Didn't build that
« Last post by Alphabet Soup on October 28, 2014, 09:19:48 PM »
"Arrogance and ignorance in equal measure" - it's what I've been saying about her for a coon's age.

Face it, she's ham-fisted. Look at that original video. She's bored sh!tless and doesn't want to be there. She has zero finesse and less political savvy. No doubt she'll surround herself with driven ideologues like Ă˜bongo did with valjar 'cuz she doesn't know which way is up.

Of course it doesn't matter. The drones will vote for her if it is so-ordained.
General Board / Re: Moats
« Last post by Alphabet Soup on October 28, 2014, 08:18:57 PM »
Interesting perspective Rich.

One thing my old man was good about was appraising the potential appreciation of real estate. I've seen plenty of examples of ghetto-creep and, while reading your post I got to thinking about the homes (that I know about) that he bought over the years. Three of them were modest starter homes in blue collar towns and the rest were nice to very nice in more affluent areas that are still affluent.

I've personally been to the seven that I know of and all are still in great condition, and in neighborhoods that are weathered but proud.

As for me - I lost one house in a nasty divorce that precluded me from owning for almost 10 years. I bought it for 80k and she sold it (and pocketed) six times that. My present place is just the right size for me but only 7-8 blocks from Ghettoland. The thing I like about it is that I live in a little cul-de-sac that hides in plain sight. I've been here since '08 and have yet to see any "wanderers" roaming the 'hood.

Still, I contemplate packing up and pulling up stakes. For me it's more Lib-flight than white-flight - I'm looking to distance myself from the loony left!
Economy / Re: The Economy is Going to Implode
« Last post by Weisshaupt on October 28, 2014, 07:43:41 PM »
A hysterical bit with Peter Schiff

Why are the markets going up even though the Fed might announce the end of QE? BEcause NO ONE believes QE will really end

Can you "make money" in dollar value by riding this fake market up? Sure.
Will its gains keep pace with the inflation after taxes? Maybe. Maybe not
Its probably a wash.
You have to take it out of the market and spend it the next day, and by the way, don't leave it in the market even an hour too long.  Or spend it now and buy the same stuff you would later at higher prices using your barely preserved wealth.

ITS NOT GROWING people. Real inflation is sitting at 10% at shadow stats according to the 1980s way of calculation it. Its at 6% according to the 90's version of that metric. If you are not getting a return on your stocks 6-10% AFTER taxes on gains,  then you LOST purchasing power.
How hard is this to get. Apparently - very hard.


Weather, Climate, & Natural Disasters / Re: Now we can all save the planet
« Last post by AlanS on October 28, 2014, 04:54:25 PM »
I'm betting if you ask most guys ( and they answer truthfully) they have taken a leak in the shower.

Years ago, when my boys were a lot younger, they got the urge to take a shower with dad. To minimize any urinating in the shower, I used to gather them around the toilet for a group pee. I would get in the middle and a son would get on each side. Manage to do that for about 3 months with no mishaps.

They got tired of showers and decided to go back to taking a bath. The wife and I were lying in bed watching TV while they bathed in the master bath (so we could hear any sibling squables). All of a sudden we hear "Nick peed in the tub!"

My wife looked over at me and said "They get that from you".
Politics/Legislation/Elections / Re: 2016 Races...If Anybody Cares...
« Last post by richb on October 28, 2014, 04:25:51 PM »
Here in Indiana,  libertarians sometimes do manage to get on the ballot sometimes.    Been voting for them more often lately when the Republican is not acceptable or in some cases nonexistent!  (yup the GOP has written off some races in lake county in)

frankly we get another dud in 16,  the GOP isn't getting my vote.   
General Board / Re: Moats
« Last post by richb on October 28, 2014, 04:11:38 PM »
Then you have liberal types sitting around wondering why once solid (even once wealthy) areas go to crap.   And why they won't come back,  no matter how much money you throw at them.

But they never ask the people that end up moving.   I have talked with people that have.   Come to think of it,  I am one of those people just the next generation of it.

Its interesting to say the least.   And those liberals would not like what they would say about it.   As far as liberals are concerned, its not part of the discourse.   The movers are and will always be racists.   Racists for leaving people behind. 


At the beginning of the 20th century,  a good portion of my extended family lived on the south side of Chicago in the Roseland neighborhood.   If you are know today's Chicago,  Roseland is an area you don't go into.  Its a poverty filled hell hole ghetto.    But a century ago,  it was a solid middle class area filled with business owners,  industry, well built and maintained homes  and a big shopping street.  Many in my family went from having nothing to becoming wealthy in that neighborhood. 

But to its north was the ghetto.   It was kept at bay for decades,  but after world war II cracks began to appear.  Yes, more areas in the suburbs began to be developed so there were more options.   By the 1960's the tide had turned in Roseland.   Business was declining as the interest in a good economy was no longer a priority at Chicago city hall.   Roseland turned from a solid middle class area into the basket-case it still is a half century later.  By the mid 1970's it was seen as a "bad" neighborhood by most.   There is no shopping street,  no industry,  and no business community at all.  Now its filled with poor people that don't work.   Even if you want to work,  you aren't going to do it here,  you have to go somewhere else to work.

Liberals call it white flight.   

But the reality is quite something else.   Neither the people leaving or moving in were the winners in it all.   The ones that left managed to move on (so to speak) those now in Roseland are rotting away and frankly nothing is changing there.  If anything,  its gotten even worse in the last two decades,  as the housing stock is largely over a century old,  getting older and few are maintained much. 

To those that moved,  they were forced out by politics much larger then themselves.  Politics that endangered their businesses,  livelihoods,  organizations etc.   Richard J.  Daley and his ilk never much cared for communities like Roseland as they weren't solidly Democrat (yes, Chicago once had neighborhoods that were more Republican then Democrat believe it or not).   So they were to be pushed out even if it meant impoverishing the whole neighborhood.   Because the ghetto could be counted on to vote Democrat by that point.

Most of the people who left say they really didn't want to leave,  and had they had the power, stopped the decline of the area,   and would have stayed.  That you NEVER hear in the discourse. 

People fought as long as they could,  and seeing they were losing,  left with heavy hearts.

Thankfully most did well in their new homes and maybe even better had they not been forced out of Roseland.   The elite got what they wanted,  a solid Democrat hood. 

The cycle continues.   I lived in a south suburb that was a solid middle class area.   Now, its poverty city.  Now also an all Democrat controlled area. 

Radical Islam/GWOT / Re: Islamic evil surfaces in Tennessee schools
« Last post by Libertas on October 28, 2014, 02:44:37 PM »

That, I think, makes it worse.

Somebody needs to straighten some people out...even if it takes 2x4's!!!
Packs better too, good call.
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