Author Topic: 'Occupy the Cube!': Wall Street Radicals and the Revival of the 1960's  (Read 367 times)

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"Most of the people protesting on Wall Street don’t have a clue about what they are doing. We’re hearing a lot about corrupt corporations and bailed-out bankers. The media are ecstatic. I wonder when it will dawn on them that they work for big corporations. The protestors want to “occupy everything.” When they finally realize their goal, what will they do with what they occupy? If these people got their way, America would be in shamble within two days.

These corporation haters are on their cell phones, smart phones, iPads, and using social media to get their message out and stoke up the troops.

Apparently they don’t realize that these devices were built by evil corporations. One of the biggest is Apple, a favorite anti-establishment business of the anti-business crowd. Only two companies in the world currently top $300 billion in market capitalization. One of those is oil giant, Exxon Mobil, and the other is Apple.

Why aren’t these anti-establishment types protesting at Apple stores across the country? There’s a big ostentatious Apple cube at the store on Fifth Avenue. I say, “Occupy the Cube!” The money that went into building it could have been given to some unemployed person, until you realize that building that cube actually created jobs. But we don’t want to confuse the Wall Street occupiers with facts like these.

One protestor brought back bad memories. His name is Frank Mello, a retired teacher. Frank is 69.

Mello is a veteran protester: He marched against the Vietnam War and now has taken up a younger generation’s battle, he said. He wants to end corporate greed and economic injustices. Mello traveled a short distance to Boston’s financial district camp on Wednesday and marched along the road. He said he planned to participate in the protests again.

Protesting for social justice has a long history. We’ve seen Democrat protestors with no agenda excpt to bring down the system before. I say, let them occupy every nook and cranny of America. I hope every media outlet broadcasts it 24/7. These people are the real face of the Democrat Party. When hard-working Americans see these people, they’ll leave the Democrat Party in droves.

A little history might help to put things in perspective.

If you are under 50 years old, you probably don’t know much about the trial of “The Chicago Seven.” The seven (originally eight) defendants — Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee Weiner — were charged with conspiracy, inciting to riot, and other charges related to protests that took place in Chicago, Illinois, during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Thousands of people came out to protest President Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam War policies. It was a revolutionary free-for-all. You can read about it here. The trial began on September 24, 1969, and on October 9 the National Guard was called in for crowd control as demonstrations grew outside the courtroom.

Subsequent to the protests, charges were filed, and the alleged conspirators went to court. Bobby Seale, who later had a separate trial, verbally attacked the judge “calling him a ‘fascist dog,’ a ‘pig,’ and a ‘racist,’ among other things.” When Seale refused to be silenced, the judge ordered Seale bound and gagged in the courtroom. You can view an artist’s rendering here."

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