Author Topic: Progs thinking evil is made up go to JIhadistan and get slaughtered for Allah  (Read 831 times)

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Yes, simply unfortunate.

I bet even in death they still cannot comprehend what happened...

Hopefully more Progs take up the evil-is-made-up challenge and go off to Jihadistan...
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  • I iz also makin a list. U on it pal.
Aaaand St. Pancake is awarded with a couple more devotees.
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Kids today: they blow up so quickly!

If only their demise was captured on You.Tube for entertainment, uhm . . . research purposes.


I know an American guy, personally - a missionary who lives in Tajikistan (currently here in the states for a year's sabbatical) - EVERYTHING they do is shrouded in code-names - because in that part of the world . . .  they kill you (and DOUBLE kill you if you represent Jesus)
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2 Timothy 1:7
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