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Newsletter - November 2013 #2
« on: November 25, 2013, 10:24:20 AM »
Newsletter - November 2013 #2

November is a month of giving thanks. Veterans Day afforded us, as a nation, to thank our Veterans and their loved ones for their service and sacrifice. On Thanksgiving Day, we express gratitude for the things we are fortunate to have in our lives. As we sit down to our holiday table, we need to remember that not every family has the same opportunity to be together. Military families make these kinds of sacrifices daily. Strong, independent military spouses, as well as parents, siblings and children are keeping home and family together, while their loved are missing family celebrations. I hope that during this season of giving, you will remember the families of those who serve.

Additionally, I want to share with you our support of OTT13367, the Vow to Hire Heroes Extension Act of 2013. This bipartisan bill would not only extend the work opportunity tax credit for hiring veterans through December 31, 2016, it would also allow qualified tax-exempt organizations eligibility to receive payroll tax credit for hiring veterans. The current bill, a win-win for Veterans, employers and businesses, has stimulated Veteran hiring, but is set to expire on December 31st, 2013. Please join me in contacting your elected officials at and and urge their support. For a one page analysis of this bill go to:

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U.S. Coast Guard veteran, 1964-1968

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