Author Topic: Photoshop Expert Claiming Obama's Released Certificate an Obvious Fake  (Read 2655 times)

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Re: Photoshop Expert Claiming Obama's Released Certificate an Obvious Fake
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Better cash it real quick before anybody notices!


Nobody will notice...

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New information via Market-Ticker:

Posted 2011-05-17 12:19
by Karl Denninger
in Editorial

Oh my, what do we have here?

Incidentally, this gentleman is right.  I missed this and shouldn't have.

View image of captured flaws:

This is not in the realm of probability stacking any more.  The page portion here is curved as it is allegedly "scanned" from a book page.  The curvature is consistent with both the margin lines and the printed word "Sex."

The typed word Male shows no curvature in the baseline of the text; this is physically impossible if the word "Male" was originally printed upon the same page that was scanned.  Worse, the entire hospital name is straight while the text of the caption is properly curved at the margin - but not elsewhere.

Everyone has tried to explain away the various "coincidences."  But for this to have happened "coincidentally" the typewriter would have had to curve the text it was typing.

Sorry, but no.

2011-05-17 Birth Cert Smoking Gun.mp4

Good site, Rickl

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I haven't commented on that thread, but the K does look a bit curved to me.
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