Author Topic: A blast from the not long ago past - Caution: Extreme Harfing Warning!  (Read 966 times)

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WZ comments are a hoot!

Nate • 13 minutes ago
The only way Zero's 'strategy' helped is that we've got a lot more targets to shoot at now.

Dingbat broad.


Buddy  MCnNC • 32 minutes ago
Looks like a Manson Wife.


Arizona Nancy • 42 minutes ago
Today's dumb as a box of rocks award goes to Marie Harf:


mary • an hour ago
This liberal will cause a drop in Fox viewership. She is unwatchable.

Yup, Fox's moronic "Fair & Balanced" translates as "Turn the channel".

Pete (Detroit) • an hour ago
It seems to me there is a reason "Harf" is a synonym for 'puke'...

Harfing =  ::puke::

GabbaGabba  © Sponge • an hour ago
I’m not a doctor, but I suspect she is “pharmaceutically managed”. Most Libs are. Seriously.

Seriously, could be right!

Brock • 2 hours ago
She actually referred to it as "the Caliphate"? Wow.

Freudian slip...she loves to submit...especially to Islaminals.

Joe • 2 hours ago
Harf, harf, harf, gag, spit, flush

And flush again...just to be sure!   ::laughonfloor::

Mad Dog  OBecian • 2 hours ago
More accurate to say that Obama’s strategy was for the free world to lose.

Especially America...whatever was bad for America and good for the Death Cult of Islam and every other enemy...that was Obama's strategy.

Look who who cozied to?  Muzzies, Communist Dictators, Socialist Leaders...secretly I think he had a man-crush on Vlad!

mark732 • 2 hours ago
Oh definitely, Ms. Barf, arming and protecting them caused their defeat. FOAD along with Obama.


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