Author Topic: Real ID opponents fear it will “divide us into documented and undocumented”  (Read 731 times)

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Izzat so?

If you’re heading out to the DMV in the near future to renew your driver’s license or other identification you’ll probably be noticing a change. You’ll need to provide additional documentation to verify who you actually are and establish your legal residency status in order to receive a Real ID compliant identification card. In most cases, you can probably still get a non-compliant ID, but you won’t be able to use it to board a plane at the airport, enter a federal courthouse or for several other travel purposes. This is part of the 2005 security package passed by Congress after the 9/11 attacks.

Despite the obvious advantages to beefing up security, you can always find someone who is ready to complain about it.

Yeah, that'd be me.

First, it isn't just "an identification card"; it's a freakin' license to drive.

Second, the DMV offices are so crowded now that just renewing a driver's license with/for the REAL ID requirements involves an hour and a half to two hour investment of time.

Third, if the Fed and State govts hadn't allowed in and imported millions of 'replacement population' persons, nobody would have to jump through their freakin hoops.

I am so sick of this crap.
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Butthurt whiners, open-border clowns and illegal/criminal ass-kisser bent out of I give one damn!

I have my issues with any federal mandate...but the idiot who says it will only divide people fail to admit they already divide people, so screw 'em.

And ID should be mandatory for voting, we have to show it to snot-nose millennials working registers (poor I might add...math is obviously not a prerequisite), to drive, to travel...

Idiots should have it beat into their senses that it is common sense, that it is necessary (beating them in the face with their own terms!) to ensure the democratic process is free of tampering by foreign or domestic hackers...and because our neighbors require it!

One of these as well as nothing should be disqualification!

To the gripers all I can offer is this -
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