Author Topic: Beware! The new statist attempt to enslave humanity: "The Global Syndemic"  (Read 381 times)

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This is more warfare directed at individual rights in line with UN Agenda 21, climate fraud, social-engineering...a catch-all for the subjugation of every soul on the planet.

Three of the gravest dangers facing human beings on the planet right now are not separate, disconnected hazards, but manifestations of a single common threat never previously discerned, scientists claim.  An international team of more than 40 experts has identified what it calls "The Global Syndemic": three interconnected health pandemics effectively orchestrated by the shadowy manipulations and influence of vested commercial interests – an entity collectively defined as "Big Food".  Between them, researchers say the linked interplay of obesity, undernutrition, and climate change constitute the most severe known threat to human and planetary health, representing the "paramount challenge" for our species and the environment.

It is a call to unite all the statist efforts under one global banner and empower every neerdowell SJW busy-body into a new and frightening level of agitation and bullying.

It is universally anti-capitalist, anti-freedom and anti-American.  And these despots want $1B in US taxpayer funds to "support social movements demanding policy action".

This so-called authoritative paper was published in a so-called peer-review publication known as The Lancet., and like the The Lancet the peers involved with it are radical extremists of the global socialist hive.

The Lancet has inserted itself into political matters more and more and has become a de facto organ of New World Order designs.  The Lancet is part of the Elsevier publishing group owned by Amsterdam based RELX Group (Reed Elsevier).  RELX acquired Lexus-Nexus and a host of other information outfits, legal firms, investment houses and sundry other concerns.  If there is an Iluminati, Inc. alive today this outfit is it.  Their Exhibition business unit (Reed Exhibitions) is the one that at the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show when they banned so-called "assualt weapons" (non-automatic AR's) and high-capacity magazines following Sandy Hook and the backlash resulted in cancelling the show.

The Lancet led by Editor Richard Horton stuck its nose in HIV/AIDS research, came down (erroneously it was proved later) in the Pusztai Potato Affair, got caught up in the Sally Clark trial by siding with a solicitor in the UK using dubious SIDS statistics and shoddy clinical work that led to the defendant being convicted of killing her infant children that was later overturned on second appeal, who exaggerated civilian death counts in Iraq with nothing to back it up and who criticized Israel after the 2014 Gaza conflict he had the later retract and apologize for. 

Elsevier's publications have had dubious affairs and in one case the caliber of their "peer-review" was most gloriously shredded when John Bohannon (critical of The Lancet's Iraq civilian death count estimate) published a bogus article that sailed through fee-based peer-review and Bohannon is among those criticizing the effectiveness and reliability of big government studies on things like obesity.

Elsevier's publication bundling and pricing (think Microsoft and Windows/Explorer) came under fire and boycotts erupted.  Elsevier has also charged fees for articles supposedly required to be free and open-sourced.  And they've had some issues with text-mining disputes.

The Lancet itself has been involved in a long line of fraudulent publications, the aforementioned Iraq issue, AIDS (open condemnation of the Vatican position) and Israel-Gaza well as the Autism-MMR controversy (IIRC this is what leftists heaped derision on Michele Bachmann for), Tobacco control, India super-bugs that the Indian government disputed and other sundry controversies.

Any efforts to mainstream this Syndemic insanity into acceptance in America should be met with a resounding "NO!".

No more, this ends, now! 
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