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Tips for new users
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:39:54 PM »
Anyone with ideas of how to enhance a person's experience here, feel free to chime on in!

HERE is a good place to begin.

A couple things to get out of the way right away...
-Bookmark or favorite the homepage for easy return.
- Go to the email account you used to register, find your "It's About Liberty" confirmation email, and designate emails from this domain as "not spam". That way you'll receive relevant notices.

- Go to Profile > Modify Profile >  
[blockquote]- Click "Account related settings > Check "Hide email address from public" > Click "Change profile"
- Click "Look & Layout Preferences" > Check "Return to topics after posting by default" > Click "Change profile"
- Then click "Personal Message Options" > check the two boxes > Click "Change profile"[/blockquote]

Posting Images
-The best and most efficient way to post images is to follow these instructions
[blockquote]-Go to (or similar photo-hosting site)
-Set up a free account (username and password, just like here)
-Upload images to photobucket from your desktop or from the web, using photobucket's one-step upload tool
-Each photo has several "tags". Copy the [ img ] address tag
-Paste [ img ] address tag in the forum's edit window
-Your image will appear in your post[/blockquote]

Posting YouTube videos
[blockquote]-Copy the YouTube url address
-Paste url into forum's edit window
-Highlight url and click "link" button (little globe, 3rd from the left)
-Your YouTube will appear in your post[/blockquote]

Posting a link
-Most links will function by simply pasting a url into your post. If not, do this:
[blockquote]-Copy entire url address
-paste url into edit window
-highlight url and click "link" button (little globe 3rd from left)
-Link will function in your post[/blockquote]

Renaming a link
-You may wish for to appear like It's About Liberty. To make your links appear as clickable text, follow these steps (removing all spaces):
[blockquote]-Copy and paste url into edit window
-immediately following url (with no spaces) add text as you'd like it to appear.
[blockquote]-EXAMPLE: http ://itsaboutliberty.comIt's About Liberty[/blockquote]
-Highlight url and added text and click "link" button (little globe 3rd from the left)
[blockquote]-EXAMPLE: [url ]http://itsaboutliberty.comIt's About Liberty[/url ][/blockquote]
-"Cut" right bracket from first [url ], and replace it with =
[blockquote]-EXAMPLE: [url =http://itsaboutliberty.comIt's About Liberty[/url][/blockquote]
-Paste "cut" bracket ] immediately between url and added text
[blockquote]-EXAMPLE: [url =]It's About Liberty[/url][/blockquote]
-Your link will now appear renamed as clickable text in your post.
-If you'd like your renamed link to appear bolded as does the above example, just highlight the text between ] and [ and click the "B" button.[/blockquote]

Creating "blockquote"
You may wish to use "blockquote" to separate your original work from your subject source.
[blockquote]It appears like this, and can be very useful in making your posts easy to read and understand.[/blockquote]

To do this manually, just type [blockquote ] at the beginning of the text, and [/blockquote ] at the end (removing spaces). Your text will appear blockquoted as the example above.

If you have questions about formatting your post
You may see formatting beyond simple text in another members posts and be uncertain as to how you can do the same. Or perhaps you'd like to employ some of the functions listed above, and after reading the instructions, you are still uncertain as to how to do it.

If you ever have a question about how to make your post look like something else you've seen on the site, clicking the "Quote" button on that person's post will reveal to you the underlying simple code they used to create whatever you see that you want to emulate. Everything you see in the body of any post on the site is created by what you'll see in the edit window when you click "Quote". (HT: Trapeze)
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