Author Topic: Man arrested for bomb threat at Walker event Weds, nat'l media fails to report  (Read 758 times)

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HT: gatewaypundit...

Leftist arrested for bomb threat at Walker news conference Wednesday, national media fails to report

Far Left protester Patrick J. Knauf, 43, of Eau Claire was arrested on Wednesday for the violation of making a bomb scare under state statute 947.015.

He was released on a $3,000 signature bond.

On Wednesday a bomb threat was made at an aviation business in Eau Claire just hours after Governor Scott Walker spoke there. Police brought in a man who was protesting this week against the Republican governor.
The Pierce County Herald reported:[blockquote]An investigation continues into a bomb threat made this week at an aviation business in Eau Claire, just hours after Governor Scott Walker held a news conference there.

Authorities said a 43-year-old Eau Claire man allegedly called in a threat to Heartland Aviation on Wednesday evening. The facility is next to the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire. The man is free on a signature bond. No charges have been filed yet, but the man is due back in Chippewa County Circuit Court on April 19th.

Investigators said the man took part in public demonstrations at the airport on Monday and Wednesday. His home was searched yesterday, and police are checking phone records and interviewing people. Eau Claire Police have asked for tips with more information.[/blockquote]
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move along......nothing to see here...............move along...............

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Had it been a "wingnut" and a Democratic governor, I guaran-damn-tee you there would be additional federal charges having something to do with it being at a FAA-regulated airport. They'd be piling on, not letting someone off on a signature bond.
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$3000 bond? Signature bond?!

They're playing for keeps with this guy!

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MFM.  Gotta hate it!

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