Author Topic: Did Clip of Brian De Palma’s Redacted Lead Frankfurt Shooter to Kill?  (Read 638 times)

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I don't know whether to put this in Foreign Affairs, Military News, Media Bias, or Entertainment.  So I'll put it here.

As reported here on Pajamas Media, Arid Uka, who shot and killed two American servicemen at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday, has told German police that he was motivated in part by a video that he saw showing American soldiers “plundering a house and raping a girl” in Afghanistan. According to Germany’s deputy Attorney General Rainer Griesbaum, Uka is supposed to have viewed the video on YouTube.

An Islamist propaganda video roughly matching Uka’s description is in fact to be found on YouTube. On November 20, 2010, a German-language YouTube user going by the name “24jasmina” uploaded the video under the title “American Soldiers Rape our Sisters! Awake Oh Ummah.”

The video begins with roughly 80 seconds of footage apparently showing American soldiers marauding in a family’s home and raping a teenage girl. The footage appears to be filmed with a night vision camera and comes complete with vulgar and incriminating dialogue. At one point during the rape scene, gunfire can be heard off-camera and then a soldier on camera says: “I f****** killed them all.”

The same footage can also be seen on YouTube under the English-language title “Footage of Abeer Qassim.” The description specifies “rape footage of Abeer Qassim.” Unlike the German-language YouTube page, however, the English-language page indicates that the footage comes from the Brian De Palma film Redacted.

I mean outraged by propaganda depicted in the film, intended to look like found documentary footage, of a Muslim girl being raped by American soldiers. This sequence has been branded on YouTube as the real thing.

Now that we have two murders we can lay directly at the feet of Brian DePalma, will Hollywood change its tone of pumping out anti-American propaganda for the consumption of foreign audiences?

No, of course not; artistic expression is just too important to repress even if some lives might be saved.

But you, on the other hand, must continue not calling Obama a socialist, because that's dangerous.

See here and here.
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A direct, clear, unambiguous line drawn from Leftist anti-American rhetoric to dead American seamen. Meanwhile they wail and gnash their teeth at the supposed violent rhetoric of Sarah freakin' Palin, the quintessential example of decency in pointed public discourse.

How much more are we supposed to take? Their actions are becoming too consequential to bear.
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